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Discussion in 'iPod' started by powerbookpro, Jan 8, 2010.

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    On the apple start page in safari, one of the ads is for accessorizing iPods. If you look closely, one of the iPods is a white nano, something which Apple doesn't sell. Is Apple planning on introducing a white nano that looks like the old iPods?

    I attatched a screenshot so you could see. The image is on the left, under "Accessorize your new gear"

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    It's the metallic one.

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    You linked the 6th gen iPod nano. The one in the OP's post has a grey click wheel.

    The 2nd poster is correct. It's the 5th gen iPod nano in silver.
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    Ah, I haven't paid enough attention to the click wheel.

    And the first poster is correct, as I, the second one, am not. ;)
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    Ah, I was counting the original poster as #1. That's my story and sticking with it. ;)
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    That's another way of looking at it of course.

    Like the millennium or decade debate.

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