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new white macbook.. loose at front, fix ?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by marbles, Apr 22, 2009.

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    I've the NVidia white Macbook and the machine is great except a few niggly details with the build.

    At the front bottom where the indentation is to allow easier opening of the screen , well it can be pressed in slightly , each time I use the trackpad the area nr the indentation creaks, quite a lot . not the trackpad itself but the white bit of the finger space on the bottom cover

    I was wondering if this is a known issue or not ,unfortunately I've not found anything with my own searches yet.

    also where the magsafe connects , the grey top is approx 2 or 3 mm away from the white base , its the same on the other side where the optical drive access is , only the 'gap' on that side is longer

    Will I have to take it in ? and is there a fix for the above issues ? thanks
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    my macbook made noises took and creaked.I read up on how to disassemble it, I suggest you do the same, because when I put it back together "tight" it felt like a completely different machine. its worth the 3 hours doing it. google is your friend.

    good luck
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    no way I'm taking apart a 2 month old machine , I might lift the battery cover and slide in some card somewhere but ye no dismantling going on, would stuff my applecare up if I damaged something .

    will definitely have it pulled apart when its much older but not 2 months
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    actually you know, I might just do it ...it is really creaky this machine and doesn't feel 'tight' at all...it's that description of electronics you used that got me .."tight". yeah I want my macbook tight but then again ,I might just sell it before the new one is out and put the coin toward a second rev aluminium book in two months, thanks for your idea though( scares me a bit to be honest, never taken a PC apart before ...be ok after the jump I guess... anyways thanks man .

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