New World Domino Record

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rdowns, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Link with video

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    Holy, that is a lot of dominos

    That was pretty wicked though, crazy what you can do with something like that. Thanks for sharing :p
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    Wow, that was amazing!:eek:
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    Could you imagine if someone accidentally knocked of one domino right before the filming:eek:
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    Did anyone get that Toshiba ad at the beginning? What a load of nonsense!
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    I currently hold a Guinness World Record :D
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    What was with the people setting up sections while the whole thing was toppling?

    Were those sections that had issues that needed repairing before the cascade hit, or was it unnecessary theatrics showing the skill of those doing the setting to beat the "clock" and have it ready by the time the cascade progressed to that section?

    Why would you risk a record on the possibility of someone either misplacing or accidentally topping half the setup before the train did it's job?
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    I didn't think "chugging dark beer without dying" was a record category.. is it?:rolleyes:
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    I'm drinking that right now!!!!

    anyway, cool record man... would have loved to se more video of it... amazing planning and execution!
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    What did you do with the strawberries?
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    I'd imagine they were stuffed in an orifice.

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