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new x86 powerbooks - what will they look like?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by numberexhaust, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I remember when the aluminum powerbooks came out... remember watching the nice video with the 17 and 12 inch models on the website and wishing i had one.

    Well i didn't get one. And now I'm in the market for a notebook. I've always loved macs, but now with the x86 switch going on, I don't really know if its the right time to buy. I'm OK with having ppc architecture over the intel, but my concern is, will it be the same notebook?

    The titanium notebooks lasted for two years, and its been two years since these ones have been out. Does the intel switch mean a new line completely? if that's the case, there's no way im buying a powerbook right now (but I'm oh so tempted)

    BTW, the other laptop im looking at is the hp dv4000
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    I doubt you'll see anything truly earth shattering as far as new designs go. I'd be more interested in having a powerful PowerBook, maybe with features like TruBrite.
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    Powerbooks may not be among the first systems to get changed over to Intel processors. They may happen in the middle (January 2007?) of the changeover.

    There will be PPC software support until at least 2010. If you want a PowerBook, buy one. Don't agonize because Apple may change the looks. For all you know, the next PowerBook design may not beone you like.

    For example, I like the looks of the iMac G4 better than the iMac G5. Although the iMac G5 is also a good design. And with the iPod, I disliked the 3rd generation (4 buttons in a row above the wheel) a lot.
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    Duff-Man says....well, if the looks are that important to you, keep in mind that it's almost completely certain that whatever changes Apple makes to the design (whenever they do change the design) it will still look better than *anything* that HP would ever make....oh yeah!
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    I disagree

    While I'm aware that TruBrite and Xbrite screens are the rage right now in PC notebooks, it makes them almost impossible to use outside, due to much more glare. The normal apple 'book screen is already hard to use in the sunlight, and I certainly don't want it to be impossible, cause I light sitting outside of starbucks surfing the web and drinking a frap.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Oh, and I would wait til oct. 12 to see the upgraded powerbooks, then buy. And I would definetely by the last PPC updated Powerbooks (suspected to be this one), instead of a rev. 1 intel Pbooks, due to rosetta slowing things down.
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    i want to know to know which of line up will get changed first... on one hand i think it will be the pro machines but on the other it will the home machines. the pro because it will have more power but it might have some problems with other software so i thinik it might be the imacs etc.
    DO you think with whatever they change first will be a total redeisgn, i hope they don't change the look of the imac g5, i love the looks of it.
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    Not everyone uses their laptop outside.
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    If you had been paying attention,you would know that the iMac/iBook lines will be done first and the PowerMac line last. Steve even said as much when he made the big Intel announcement.
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    True, but if you only make laptops that can't be used outside, you'll lose customers. Of course, Apple could have different types of screens, but that complicates things in several ways and would increase costs.
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    Well all's good and everything, (still havent decided between the HP and the powerbook, but waiting until wednesday at least), but what I really wanna know is if the change is going to be as big as the change between the titanium and the aluminum. the features like the magnetic latch and the backlit keyboard are really what draw me in over the HP (although it has some cool stuff of its own), and I want to see more stuff like this.
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    Duff-Man says...well, that is the kind of stuff Apple keeps under wraps until they release them, so anything anyone tells you here is likely just a far-fetched guess based on unsubstantiated rumours....if you really want the truth you'd better start sucking up to Steve Jobs and even then he probably won't tell you...heheheh....oh yeah!
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    PC makers offer laptops with either TruBrite or regular, for the most part. They don't force you to go with the TruBrite.
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    Very true, but EVERYBODY hates the reflective screen. It's a mirror.

    And why do all the XBrite and TruBrite screens use a reflective screen? Is it crucial to use an LCD screen cover that looks polished?
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    oh god i hate those stupid screens they give me a headache from looking at them for more than 10 minutes
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    I agree, this reflecting stuff just bugs me each time I see it. It is not like I need to see what behinds me or even look at myself, while looking on the screen.
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    I bet they will look totally different. I mean they'll still be a Notebook, but Apple is not one to keep designs the same for too long. Also, rumor had that Apple hired abunch of Sony Viao engineers because they were having issues building a powerbook with the intel chips. So, I bet we see some sony-esc designs. I would go as far to say that they will continue to be metal, but I could also see black. Also, you probably won't see exterior lights and gizmos like on HP's notebooks. You'll have clean unbroken lines, with a sleek silouette. Also I wouldn't be suprised if they used that video latch thing that they pattented. Sony has made a few compact notebook with Video Cameras maounted @ the top of the display.
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    Oddly enough everyone I know but me loves those stupid glossy screens.
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    I can't think of a design that would be better than the current PowerBooks. The form factor and aluminum is nearly perfect, I certainly can't think of how I would change it to make it better. Although I suppose Apple has something up their sleeve
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    Pfft! I know what they'll look like :rolleyes:

    Second picture borrowed from slimflem and modified by me...

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    Thus, the X-brite screens are the display of choice for paranoid mafia-types.
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    my hunch is that intel powerbooks will be revealed at MWSF '06.

    my other hunch is that they will still be metal, but will be a darker, gunmetal grey color.

    * note: both of these hunches are based on absolutely no insider info at all...just my guesses!
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    or they'll get earthy and come out with a wood-grained powerbook

    ...the powerbook woody! :eek:
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    May be they will be Alu aswell!
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    Please, trust us when we say you do not want TruBrite. OS X can display perfect color after calibration is done. TruBrite screens suck battery, are hard to see at low brightness, look bad, and anything on the screen is reflected. The screen must be spotless or else it is annoying to use. And outside, might as well not have a screen and try to read the cable input yourself. It'd work better.
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    Damn straight. I personally hope Apple look at some alternative materials.. Magnesium would be hott! :) (Possibly in both senses of the word... ;))

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