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New Xserve joins the F@H team...for a while

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Rower_CPU, Mar 24, 2003.

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    We just got a brand spanking new Xserve here at work (dual 1.33, 2GB RAM :D) and we'll be running F@H on it until it goes "live".

    We should see some WUs come in pretty fast!
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    Any chance you could post some frame times for that once it's up and running? I'd be interested in knowing how it measures up.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice! - and who's getting the units ;) ;) ;)

    It would be cool to see the stats - and what's the config of the XServe?

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    currently it's working on a 648 and a 649

    ill be tracking and posting it's progress and relative speed

    the WUs started at ~10:30AM
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    I'm getting the WUs. :p

    As far as config goes...

    2x 1.33 GHz
    167MHz bus
    2x 2MB L3 Cache
    2x 60GB Ultra ATA HD (Seagate Barracuda V)
    2x Gigabit Ethernet (one built-in, one PCI)
    PCI Video card - 32MB VRAM
    Premium Service and Support

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    Hooray! Keep updating us. I want to know all about it. BTW - It started at 10:30, but what time zone?

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    Hehe, nice system.

    P.S - Never get it setup. :p

    when it completed those WU tell us the stats. :D
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    pacific standard time

    location: san diego

    but we turned it off, so it wont be a str8 thorugh benchmark, maybe next time

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