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newbie here [iPod and Car stereo]

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Tictock, Jan 28, 2004.

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    hi everyone.
    just signed up.
    hope i got the right forum.
    so hate to get yelled at.

    does anyone know if it's possible to listen to an ipod thru the car stereo?

    thinking they might sell some type of adaptor.

    and no laughing! :)
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    You can buy an adapter that has a headphone plug on one end and a cassette tape on the other. If you have a CD player only you can get an adapter that plays through an FM station. Or some newer radios have a line in jack on the front. Look at apple's store for accessories.
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    you can use a cassete adapter if your car has a cassete player

    or you can go with an fm, that would be something like the itrip, if ur in the UK they dont sell em there.

    i use a cassette adapter personolly, the quality is a little dimished but its nice to have 7000 tunes are ur whim
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    As virividox alluded to, you will lose quality with the FM and cassette methods. Personally, I am planning on just getting a new receiver that has the 1/8 inch input on the front. Some receivers also have it so that you can run a wire from the back through the dash to wherever you want......
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    thanks for the feedback folks.
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    I've gotten better sound quality with my fm transmitter(itrip) than i was getting with my cassette adapter. So of the two i'd recommend the fm Transmitter. Its also pretty usefull at home and the office.
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    I've used both the iTrip FM tranmitter and gone direct into the AUX input on my car stereo.

    While the iTrip does work you will get some signal noise. Going direct into the AUX of your car stereo is the best as far as the noise to signal ratio. I have also played with the cassette adapters and they work nicely.

    I love the fact that I don't have to carry a million CDs in my car anymore. iPods rule the school.
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    I have been using a cassette adapter for quite a bit, and found that some players require you to set the ipod volume to max to get good quality while others require you to turn the volume way down....I always got acceptable results, though. But I have to admit that I never tried the fm transmitters...
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    itrip is amazing. I use it in my car and connected to my home stereo.
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    I just got the itrip and I love it...Works great...
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    Similar phenom with the AUX-in ports. I have an Aiwa X437 with a front-panel 1/8" jack, and I need to turn the volume on the iPod to ~85% of max to get it to have consistent volume with CDs and the radio. I think, in this case, it's because the line-in port is at line-level and the headphone out isn't....

    But, the sound quality is very clean. The only thing I don't like, is that the only 1/8"<->1/8" cable I've found is a stiff one with 180 degree plugs on both ends. I'd like one that has a thinner cable (like in-ear headphones') and 90 degree plugs....
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    Get iTrip - it's an amazing little gadget, and I've never heard any complaints with it.

    Who knows, maybe future iPods will have something like an iTrip built in.... :cool:

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