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Newbie logo

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by lu0s3r322, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I have this blog called Delta X Squared/Delta X2 and i made up a logo. I feel like the radioactive sign doesnt work. I just need like a triangle shape thing to represent delta. What do you guys think? I'm like really amateur i follow tutorials n stuff.
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    I'm no pro, but maybe change the color of the RadioActive sign. Maybe it would fit in better? One tip, save the file as a transparent GIF or PNG. Then you can overlay it on other things. :)

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    maybe this?

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    is a radioactive symbol symbolic of the entries you post on your blog?
    if not go back to the drawing board.
    if so, then you're on the right track with your revision.
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    well my blog is called delta x squared and the symbol for delta is a triangle so im just looking for ideas relating to triangles and how i can incorporate them into a logo
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    The Delta - Triangle – radioactive symbol link seems a little weak. Most people wont see a connection. I'd try and keep it simple, like this...


    You could play around with the shapes in the X, as there are four triangles already there for you.
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    The X with the 2 on it is very nice, I'd use that without the dirty edges, and upright not tilted. Just that symbol. Simple and elegant.

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