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Newbie: Sharing contacts and Calendar

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by JonnyDangerous, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I've been a mobile me user for a few weeks and found everything works well. Up until now i've been using the trial version. I've now gone ahead and bought a mobileme family pack and ordered my wife an iPhone. I already have an iMac and iPad working perfectly with Mobileme.

    My question is that my iMac and iPad are all sync'd using mobileme. What should i do when my wife's iPhone arrives? I'd like her to have her own mobileme email address but share the calendar and contacts i have on the family iMac. Is there a specific order i should do things to get this setup correctly?

    Thanks in advance

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    Each account under the family plan is like individual accounts except it is cheaper under the family plan and you have less storage. With that said you can not share you contacts with other accounts. Calendar sharing had just been released within the current calendar beta.
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    Sharing calendars is jut not possible the way you mentioned.

    But you can easily share calendars by setting up a google calendar on gmail and then sharing it out with the family. My wife and me both have individual calendars and also a family calendar (that we share out with the entire extended family). Then we set up our iPhones to access the calendars and we can turn each calendar on and off to view each other's schedules.

    You theoretically can do the same with contacts. Just set each phone to sync with the same Google account.

    Here's the instructions to setup google sync:


    Best of all, it's free, unlike MobileMe.
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    So it seems calendar sharing is available with the new beta. I've registered for the beat - any ideas how long this typically takes to become activated?

    In regard to contact sharing i found this knowledge article. I haven't tried it but looks like a possible solution?? Has any tried this?

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    I did not know about that. Until recently I was a Windows only user so not that familiar with the Mac side. I have not tried it so I do not know how well it works. Maybe you could report back on your success. What the other person suggested about Google would also work because you can have 2 Google Accounts Defined and you can enable/disable which part of the account you want. Of course that would require you to share userids and passwords of at least the shared account. I just looked at my iPhone and it appeared I could add a second MM Account. If that is true you could probably do the same. I.E. The first Account you would enable Mail, Calendar, Contacts and on the second (the share account) you would only enable Contacts and maybe Calendar.

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