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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Banana Pancakes, Jun 9, 2010.

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    This is my first post even though I've been browsing Macrumors for ages :eek:

    Just wondering if anyone is planning to queue for the iPhone 4 at the Apple store in Newcastle?

    I've done a few launches in Northern Ireland but since moving to the North East, I haven't quite managed to convince anyone to come along with me!

    I could just order it online but where's the fun in that? Queueing is half the fun!

    I notice that the other UK threads are pretty empty so I'm not expecting much but shout loudly if you intend to be there!
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    :eek: im shocked there is another member from the north east.

    i work at newcastle university, i was planning to get mine from the o2 shop in the city centre until i realised its released in the middle of my 2 week leave so ill be getting it from my local o2 store in sunderland instead.

    But from all the emails going round between the apple lovers at work i very much doubt youll be alone.
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    Fab! That's good to hear!

    I was torn between O2 and Apple but tbh, it might be sad but I do get a bit of a buzz walking out of the store with my white Apple bag! HA!

    I'm actually in Middlesbrough btw but who really wants to queue outside anywhere in the dark in Middlesbrough?! :rolleyes:
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    You might just see me.
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    Red Bull

    I might be there...

    I can't decide whether to visit O2 in Darlington like I have the past three launch days (as there's only ever been 10 people max outside at 9am, and the queue never starts before 8.30!) or whether to go all out and go to the new Apple store in Eldon Square.

    I probably will go to Apple for a change :)
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    Were you there for the iPad launch?

    I've only visited the store once (it's a little trek for me tbh) but from what I can remember, it's under cover. Will they allow a queue outside the store or will it be outside?
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    Darlington is much closer for me tbh!

    But isn't there something about wakling out of the store with the white Apple bag?! :p

    We're all a bit looney really :D
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    I'm in Yarm (between Darlo an Boro), think I'm just gonna order the phone through o2 and have it delivered. Would like to go to the apple store though in Eldon Square, but don't think they do upgrades on contract, and can't be bothered :)
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    Good reasons!!

    I must live quite close to you so howdy!
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    Moved up to here from London cos Parmos are amazing!

    Normally go to Middlesbrough, or Teesside Park for buying things.
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    I do love a good parmo :D

    I don't fancy going to the Boro O2 shop at stupid o'clock, have you ever been in town at that hour? :eek:

    Oh I don't know what to do!
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    Went to the midnight launch of Modern Warfare 2 in boro to get it from GAME. wasn't too bad, lots of geeky people qued outside of gamestation and GAME. parked next to mcdonnalds so didn't walk far.

    Apart from that, many drunken nights spent in boro

    What time does o2 open to launch the iPhone?
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    Ah, that's good to know then! I've had a few, um, dodgy nights/mornings in the centre of Boro when I was a student :rolleyes:

    No idea what time they'll be open at but I think it was 8am previously?
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    Red Bull

    With today's store reservations and pre-ordering, is anybody going to be at the Eldon Square store on Thursday?
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    if I was in two minds then with today's apple prices I will most definitely not be buying direct from apple. I am going to wait patiently for O2 to say what they are going to do then get it from their shop in sunderland which will hopefully be quiet
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    Well, I've reserved to pick up at store but I'm still not 100% certain I will. Will have to see what the craic is with upgrades!
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    Red Bull

    I've reserved one :)

    I figured I'd rather take the hit in one go and stick with a cheaper tariff than get a cheaper handset and pay £40+ a month.
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    Im gonna do the same, either with o2 online or in the middlesbrough store. :eek:

    my faith is running low on getting one on launch... keep twitter searching the prases "o2 iphone", "orange iphone" and "vodafone iphone" and its quite funny to see all existing/potential customers slagging off the companys for keeping them in the dark about iphone avalibility. I know one of them 3 companys were due to take pre-orders from monday, however this was canceled at the 11th hour with no information why... so i think its an apple thing... :(
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    hey guys

    what time are you guys planning on going to eldon square next thursday???
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    Red Bull

    Probably 9-9.30 for me

    No way am I getting out of bed early enough to make the 8am opening, plus I'll give it an hour in case there's a bit of a queue to die down :)
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    do you have yours reserved or are you just going in the hope that they wll have some then
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    I'm hoping to get there around 7am (have reserved a handset) but tbh, I'm not totally sure where the store is and Im a bit geographically challenged so goodness knows what time I'll actually make it there!
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    Red Bull

    I reserved mine on Tuesday morning, so I'm hoping they have a shiny 32GB waiting for me!
    Park in The Gate down near Chinatown, head out of the main entrance to The Gate and across the road into Debenhams, out of there into the new Eldon Square extension and the Apple Store is on your left-hand side :)

    Actually I'm thinking of heading up for 8am now... I don't want to miss out on the fun!
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    Ah ha! Thank you for that... I'm sure I can follow that!

    Do you know about getting in at that time? Presumabley the centre won't be open as early
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    Red Bull

    I've cut through Eldon Square before 9am in the past, so I guess you'll be able to get in somewhere for the 8am Apple Store opening. Perhaps not through Debenhams though.

    If you look at Debenhams from The Gate, there's a Lau's Chinese restaurant to the left of it - In between the store and the restaurant there's an entrance to the mall :)

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