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Newnie here so apologies if been asked before...

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by flogster, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Am looking into getting an Intel Mini soon, and will be eager to try my hand at getting windowsXP onto it too.

    Is there a step by step guide as to what needs to be done from start to finish, literally getting the XPdisc(s) and a new intel Mini, through to rebooting and having a workable choice of either OS available?
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    a quick answer, a friend of mine has told me, there is a "step-by-step" tutorial around. (but because i don't want to have bad software running in my mac, i don't know (and don't care) where to find it).

    i have read, installing xp on a mac is not advisable for a newbie at the moment. another thing, if the mini is your main computer, don't even try (yet).
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    I'm not sure what everyone is worried about. Installing XP was damn simple. Sure, it's not as straight forward as installing Mac OS X, but hey.

    But, if you plan to use XP for anything that needs graphics acceleration (i.e. 3D and full-screen games), then I wouldn't bother just yet, because the graphics drivers are yet to be found/made/modified etc.
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    Not bothered about gaming as such on PC or Mac to be honest so that's not really an issue for me to worry about. Just a case of general use where PCs are preferred (for some reason) over Macs.
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    If you're not into gaming then there's no reason to instal XP. You can perform all those "general uses" at least as well on a Mac with no fear of incompatibility -- although you might want to think about Office for Mac if you have a lot of Word or Excel knowledge that you don't want to waste. Many people exist perfectly well using the Mac equivalents, though.
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    Well, if you still are curious, look at onmac.net and click on the SUPPORT link, then check out the WIKI and/or support forums for your computer.

    There is an app called xomhelper which helps in the installation of the xom.efi file, doing what needs to be done to make the bootloader work, and create the patches OS CD to install. The rest is pretty straightforward, the only gotcha is to pay SPECIAL attention to the driver installs. Also, before asking any questions, check the forums on onmac.net because just about any question has already been answered.

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    It's for potential work based applications that are .exe files mainly...

    Does VirtualPC handle exe files whilst I'm here?
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