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Next iPad Mini to Have Retina Display?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 13, 2012.

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    While critics loved the iPad mini, the biggest complaint concerned the device's screen, which does not have a Retina resolution like Apple's larger iPad.

    Retina seems like a logical update for Apple's second generation iPad mini, and a report from Digitimes today says that Apple is indeed planning to increase the resolution of its next iPad mini.
    Adding a Retina display to a device as thin as the iPad mini could be a tricky prospect, possibly requiring a large battery and a more robust processor, as it did when Apple introduced the Retina display to the full-sized iPad. This restriction has led notable technology site AnandTech to predict that the next iPad mini won't come with a Retina display, as stated in the site's iPad mini review.

    Digitimes adds that the next generation 9.7-inch iPad will be lighter due to new LED light bar technology that will incorporate just one light bar instead of the two that are currently in the third and fourth generation iPads. While Digitimes has had a mixed record in the past, it's clear that they do have sources in Apple's supply chain.

    Article Link: Next iPad Mini to Have Retina Display?
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    A lack of one still hasn't bothered me. If anything it's better w/o one since it doesn't drain a gigantic battery which would take an eternity to charge. A la iPad 3/4
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    of course it will, don't know if i will be able to resist
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    You're kidding. no...really!? When did MacRumors hire Captain Obvious as a source?
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    Even though its DigitTimes...

    How could the iPad mini not have a retina display? Its literally the only it needs to become an amazing device.
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    I think we all know the next iPad Mini will have a Retina display..
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    It almost seems as a given at this point. Although having owned an iPad Mini for a few days, the screen doesn't bother at all. I cranked up the brightness and the screen looks quite fine to me, granted not anything to write home about
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    Why are these rumors coming out now already? Way to put a damper on those holiday sales.
  9. pk7
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    I'm all for a Retina mini but wouldn't that considerably cannibalize sales of the 9.7" iPad? It's one of it's major selling points.
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    One light bar? What about igzo?
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    Of course. :cool:
  12. JS3
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    Most predictable rumor ever. I'll buy one.
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    It's a rumors site, deal with it.
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    apple marketing and businesses strategy at its finest.

    (revision A) introduce a "revolutionary" new iPad mini and let people rave about it while omitting a screen that should have been standard

    (revision B) announce a beautiful and even better than before iPad mini with a gorgeous retina high resolution display that is genius engineering ...which should have been on revA
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    Digitimes had this article written the day the iPad Mini was announced :p.
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    No way, really?
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    They make money off of rumors, not holiday sales. Besides, this is a drop in the bucket in the long run for Apple.
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    What a shocking news story!!!!!!1
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    And the same people who are saying 'it's not that bad, I don't even notice it' will suddenly rave about how 'amazing' the Retina version is.

    Just like they a lot of folks around here mocked the idea of a smaller tablet and now say 'it's the perfect size'.....
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    No ****, Digitimes Holmes.
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    Someone with time to kill should search those quotes up. So many saying how there was no point to a mini and not they are raving about them.

    Same thing will be said when the iphone gets a wider screen.
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    Shocking news of 2012. LOL
  24. fdv
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    While it's obvious that everybody wants this to happen, and I'm sure it will happen eventually, I tend to agree with Anandtech. I think if it were feesable to add a retina display within the next year, Apple would have just done it with the original iPad Mini. I expect it will take a couple of years to develop a high res display for the Mini without compromising on its excellent weight and thickness.

    Maybe I'm being naive, and it's possible to make one now, and Apple just released a low-res version first so people would shell out more money on the next one, but part of me still likes to think that Apple like making good products, and they would have done it already if it was possible.
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    I honestly don't notice the lack of the retina display when I use my friend's mini. Even though it's only 1024 x 768, it's still at a higher PPI than the iPad 2, so it's still sharp albeit not quite up to Apple's retina standards, as your eyes can technically discern the individual pixels when holding it an average distance away from your face.

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