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Next Macbook Air and Sandy Bridge heat

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thisday, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. thisday, Apr 17, 2011
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    Should someone buy now an air that knows its cool and wait for Ivy Bridge?
    All the threads of overheated mbp worry me. If you put an 1.4 SB with TB up to 2.3 (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=54619) in a thin body like that i think there will be more serious heat issues. What do you think?
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    Agree if silent and cool are important nothing wrong with the current model except the lack of a back light on the keyboard.
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    ya..plus running at high temperatures all the time lower the lifespan of the components..not to mention give your legs 3rd degree burns...well on the bright side you can always cook a few burgers on the laptop...kind of like a portable grill..
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    Maybe Apple can get George Foreman to endorse it :D
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    It will be an engineering challenge all right. If anyone is up to it, Apple is. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    One thing is for sure, I don't think a backlit keyboard will be a priority for the next gen MBA.
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    Is the 1.4Ghz version the lowest model? With a 1.4-2.3Ghz range, that sounds pretty fast.

    But without the need for an old 320m chip, wouldn't there be more space for stuff and allow the MBA to run more cooly? even if the new processor runs hotter?
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    except people dont understand that 2.3ghz is only when its running on 1 core so turbo is not the miracle people expect it to be. its not overclocking on demand per se
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    SB will not go into MBA - too hot.

    2nd gen Ivy Bridge will run more efficiently and cooler, then Apple will update the Air - Spring/Summer 2012.
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    Overheating MBPs? Yeah RIGHT! I have the fully loaded 15" 2011... and it runs 10degrees C cooler than my 2009 MBP. People are just paranoid! Buy a MBP.. they're legit!
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    Knowing Apple, they probably won't make a mistake again like the iPhone 4 with its antenna issues. But then again, iPhone 4 sold a heck of a lot regardless. I say this could go either way.
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    Heat all depends on TDP of the chip, and the LV/ULV SB Chips that people are talking about are all 17W TDP. Add in a few more W for overhead on the chipset and we're talking about 20W TDP for a SB Chip.

    The Current SL9400/9600 chips in the MBA are rated at 17W As well. Add in ~8W for the 320M and you've got more TDP (aka more heat/less battery life) in the current MBA than you would in a potential 17W SB MBA.
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    Are there any reviews yet on the SAMSUNG Series 9 that talks about heat problems or if it runs cool under load or not??

    that should give us some idea of what the heat in the new AIR's would be like.

    heat is my only concern for the new AIR's....I don't care about the GPU power as much since I won't be gaming on it...as long as it can show 1080p HD video smoothly....
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    LaptopMag says it can go above 100 degrees F when running a Hulu Video for 15 mins:


    That's about as hot as the 2011 MBP gets, which is weird 'cause the TDP of the LV i5 chip is much lower (35W vs. 17W).
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    ^ if that's really Farenheight then that's not so bad....I would think for a laptop..
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    The laptopmag.com review did not measure the temperature of the CPU or inside the Series 9. It only measured the temperature on the outside of the Series 9.

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    I would have to think thinness, interior design, vents have played a big part of the similar temp numbers.

    If the MBA gets a thunberbolt port in the and a higher gamut matte display for the next gen model, specially in the 11.6in model, I think I could be sold.
  17. Exana, Apr 18, 2011
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    SL9400 : 17 watts
    GeForce 320m : 12 watts

    i5-2537M : 17 watts
    PCH : 5 watts

    Should be nice but less GPU power. (U)LV Core ix have HD Graphics 2000.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Sandy Bridge is the 3rd generation, if you see the current Core2Duo as the 1st generation. Sandy Bridge is also the 2nd generation of the 32 nm Intel-processors. The first 32 nm generation was Westmere, also known as Nehalem-C.

    Sandy Bridge provides 2-4 times more computation power per watt than the previous 32 nm generation. Sandy Bridge is very power efficient. A new Sandy Bridge MBA should run cooler and much longer than the current model. No one has to wait for Ivy Bridge (22 nm in 2012). The statistics say that we will see a new MBA in 06/2011.
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    I'd rather have a 350nit over matte on my display, and I would think thunderbolt would be the next logical port step on the Air, even the 11.6in model.
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    Welcome to the MBA forum, where we talk about the Macbook Air.
    If you want to talk about overheating MBPs, go talk in the MBP forum.
    a 15" doesnt compare to a 13" in heat sink capacity.
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    Haha +1
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    To be fair, the post you were commenting on was in response to someone slagging the 2011 MBPs as overheating monsters to justify a "No SB in the MBA!" claim. So he was at least 50% on topic. ;)

    I've never seen the TDP for the 320m listed as so high! If you don't mind me asking, Where are those numbers from?
  23. Exana, Apr 19, 2011
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    I read so many review those days, I don't remember. :confused: It seems quiet high for me. :eek: In my mind, it was about 12 watts.

    EDIT : Found ! MacWorld.fr, dumb...

    PS : I change my original post for not write wrong specs.
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    Anyone know if TDP numbers are based on processor at full load or not? Is this a max power consumption or does it vary with load?
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    As far as I've ever known, the TDP is the MAX #. That's the Max power consumption - it shouldn't consume more than that under load. Anyone heard different?

    Also with the new SB architecture, the processor tries to speed through instructions and then get back to sleep/idle ASAP to conserve energy (and it's much better at getting back to sleep/idle than a C2D).

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