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Next update of the iBooks, what will happen?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sparks9, Aug 9, 2003.

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    Hi, I just wanted to know what you think will be improved next time the iBook is renewed? Of course we will see faster processors, but will it be G4s? Will the design be changed? Which other new features will be put in the iBook?

    I want to get new a mac some time in the future, probably a laptop. Mac os x looks so much better than 8/9!
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    Re: Next update of the iBooks, what will happen?

    it is really much better, and now all the 'pros' apps are available !!!
    no reason not to switch !!!
    i'm gonna buy a G5 personnaly cuz i already have an iBook ;-)
    we'll see what the next generation iBooks will look like !!!
    surely great looking !!
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    If you have the money just get a 12 inch pb when they get updated...
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    as i said in another thread, i can't see that they will be updated.

    i reckon they'll be eol'd, the 12" will replace the iBook, and the 15" + 17" will be bumped up to G5s
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    No i don't think Apple wil eol the iBooks, that would be stupid. It would higher the price of their cheapest laptop alot.
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    This might happen next spring ...

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    no, the ibook will get a G4 soon, and the Powerbooks will stay with a G4 this year, with a speed bumb of course. It will probably look like

    iBooks, 800 and 900 G4
    Powerbooks 1-1.4 G4

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    What Do I expect from iBooks?

    Well, I expect in the coming months, probably closer to next February, a complete iBook overhaul. I don't think Apple would just plop the old 12 inch down and call it a day. No, I think that 12 inch will remain as an "ultra portable" and a iBook successor will be crowned. Sporting that rumored IBM G3+Altivec (Called G4+) the iBook will have a thirteen inch wide screen and only be available in one size. That thirteen inch screen was rumored in old Kowardarison(sp) reports. Subsequently, the Powerbooks will find themselves housing G5s. Eventually we may even see that 10inch home portable/dock thingy with a G4+ as well. That would be nice and complete the whole 3 desktops/3 notebooks bracket.
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    well, i think it would make a lot more sense. If you think about it if they upgrade the specs of the iBook, its just going to end up being a 12" powerbook in white! Like i said, i reckon the 12" will drop in price and keep the G4, and then the 15" + 17" will get G5's.

    its been speculated for a little while that the iBook is being eol'd so it wouldn't surpise me if it did.
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    Won't happen. Let's remember folks that Apple need to have a 999 or LOWER priced durable laptop to keep selling to the Educational market. Apple needs the ibook to remain CHEAP and the 12" PowerBook is NOT CHEAP nor is it as good a product. I still stand my by statment that we will NEVER see a G4 in an iBook, we will see an IBM G3 for the next release and then maybe the G3 + Altivec after that (it's not even out yet).

    There is no way the 12" PB becomes the iBook. It's simply too expensive.

    As far as the original poster's comments...don't wait..get an iBook now they aren't gonna be even speed bumped for a bit and even if they are you'll love the 900MHz G3 one.

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    i hope the 13" will have higher reolution then
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    I would no be surprised if we saw a new iBook before xmas, if this is still the year of the laptop, a one-two punch of great powerbook upgrades and a re-designed iBook is not out of the question. I wouldn't be suprised if they dropped the 14" iBook (lackluster sales). I also believe that many of the rumors of a better 12" powerbook are probably correct so as to define itself away from the iBook line
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    I would imagine new 13 inch iBook's would have great NEW resolutions. I just love widescreen. I mean who doesn't? Thats why I think and PREDICT apple will go with it. Now I wonder if they can keep them at 999$ with a new screen. Maybe that new home portable will start at 799$. That would be nice :)
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    I think the next revision may entail a speed bump to 1.1 GHz (Gobi). I'm hoping for DDR support (supported by the processor) and PC2100, with PC2700 and PC3200 going into the PowerBooks. The increase of L2 cache from 512K to 1024K will offer improvement, and I'd imagine there will be an improved graphics chipset.

    I doubt that the iBook will be EOLed. The iBook is a great deal and Apple can make it an even better deal by improving the architecture. If they use a chip that adds Altivec in the future, that will make the iBook an even stronger entry.

    For now, unless IBM gets way ahead on the G5 at 90nm (and they're not), I expect a revision of the PowerBook to maybe 1.25GHz and 1.33GHz using the 7457 (if delivered). The 7457 offers some benefits over its predecessor, including an increased L2 (from 256 to 512) and, maybe, true DDR support for Apple. If the PBs cannot get DDR support then we won't see it in the iBooks. I'm hoping for a 200MHZ FSB int he PBs (a 167 in the iBooks) configurable with PC2700 in the 12" and 15", and PC3200 on the 17" and high-end 15" @ 1.33. It would be nice to see 1MB of L3 on the low-end models and 2MB of L3 on the high-end, but I'm not holding my breath due to the size of the laptops and the cost of L3.

    Whenever the iBook gets Altivec, I can see it also having a Superdrive option - giving Apple the ability to put a Superdrive in any model in its whole lineup.

    With any luck PowerBook G5s will come in March, possibly introduced @ MWSF. This will allow for introduction of a G4+ (based on improved G3 architecture) from IBM that will power the iBooks, eMacs, and low-end iMacs. I would hope that we see the G5 come to the iMac by March as well. It would also be wonderful to have a headless iMac that can be purchased in a variety of configurations.

    And if IBM stays on time, I wouldn't be surprised to see dual-3GHZ PowerMacs out in March. I think most of the Apple line will get some minor bumps next month (eMac, iMac, Powerbook, and, maybe, the iBook to 1GHZ), but that a whole new lineup could be introduced at MWSF with several redesigns that will set the stage for the future of the platform. Probably just a pipedream, but it's be wonderful to see.

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