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Nexus 10 - leaked photos

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Rogifan, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Giving them the benefit of the doubt here, I think even an iPad would look pretty bad if you had a bunch of people smear their fingerprints all over it, coat it with dust, then decided to take a photo of it with the flash on.

    ...but...yeah. It is kinda ugly.
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    I also think that you can thank the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit. They didn't want it to look too much like the iPad.

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    Jessica Lares

    Why do these things have as much bezel as they do screen?
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    I don't get their infatuation with the brushed metal look. Looks plastic. Aesthetics are important. Apple gets it. Nokia and HTC get it. Microsoft got it with Surface. Samsung...not so much.
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    Brushed metal can look pretty good when done right. Look at the Asus tablets as an example. I think the darker colors look pretty good.

    I think the biggest problem is Samsung likes to go with this sort of overly rounded bulbous look in their designs. Like it doesn't just curve at the edges, it tapers in towards the tops and bottoms and makes them look weirdly lopsided and...I dunno...sorta mushy. The Galaxy S3 had a similar thing going on with it.

    Eh. It's all tech fashion. Even if it isn't going to win any beauty contests, but if it's a good device, then it's a good device.
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    All true. But Apple has shown that fashion sells. Take Nokia. If their Lumia phones were some crap design would they be getting as much interest? Heck even Microsoft spent the majority of their Surface announcement on the design of the hardware. And from a lot of the reviews I've seen that's what's getting the biggest thumbs up.
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    Thumbs i guess, but I agree it does seem a little too much.


    I saw a video of this running chrome, pretty fast indeed.
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    Samsung is just not a quality brand. They've never made a luxurious, premium mobile device in my book. They pack some decent specs into an ugly, cheap body and call it their flagship.
  10. cynics, Oct 28, 2012
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    That's not using a 10" version of Android. Looks like the GN and N7. My old ass Xoom looks better then that.



    Which is metal. Seems like every time a device comes out I might want its seriously lacking somewhere.
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    Truth. That's actually a pretty nice-looking tablet.
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    It looks really good on the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it also was practical as had an anti-slip feel while holding it in one hand.
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    Yeah, I'm glad I got it seeing it will probably be my last Android tablet. It would take a combination of everything on the market into one device to make me get another.
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    Android tablets have some catching up to do.
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    The biggest problem with Android tablets is that it's too fragmented hardware/OS wise. It's much like Linux. It makes it tougher for developers to target apps which is why the Kindle Fire is the premier tablet for targeted apps. It's a more stable platform because it's carefully controlled by Amazon.
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    I prefer it over my (gifted to my gf) iPad 3. I'm just not happy with the latest offerings. I'll need to handle the N10 in stores to see if I like it.
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    I have a Prime and I'll be the first to admit that I prefer Ipads to any of the Android tablets I've tried out. The ipad just needs a hdmi port without the need for an adapter then I probably would buy one.
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    HDMI port, USB port for connecting peripherals, a flash for the camera, expandable memory, a less restrictive OS, contacts for a dock, etc.....just too much the iPad needs for me not to consider a toy/book....
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    Two possible reasons

    1) Maybe they spent all the budget on the 'retina display' that the rest of the aesthetics took a back seat in order to get it out at $399

    2) Maybe Samsung made it look terrible so the Galaxy Tab Note 10.1 looks a lot better in stores ;-)

    But yeah it looks cheap sadly, and the bezel looks much more out of proportion than the iPads and they are big enough... maybe just an optical illusion ?

    The Nexus 7 is such a well built tablet that is also cheap without looking 'cheap'.. Asus did google proud, but Samsung with the Nexus 10 ? it's like an aesthetic kick in the nads to google.
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    Why not stay with Asus? Or does Google feel the need to spread the love around? This looks almost as bad as the Galaxy Note 10.1. I hope it doesn't have the same build quality. :eek:
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    Yes but we don't know if that page was pre-loaded or loaded fresh, all we saw is them open chrome that's it...

    5 second video clip is too short to get any real idea of performance.

    However given its spec it should be fast.

    Though surprised they have opted for Dual Core ?

    Seems like they are creating a strange disparity, our 7" device has a Quad Core, but our 10" device a dual core ? I know it probably benchmarks faster than the 1.2 Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7, but perception wise i mean it's confusing a little.
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    Yeah the way I see any tablet is as a toy right now though. I have my desktop and laptop for everything I need. Tablet is something to just play around with. So as much as I dislike iOS it doesn't really matter when it comes to tablets because I wouldn't use it for much of anything other than web browsing and games. That's why I wish the ipad mini was cheaper
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    When I first got my iPad I was really excited. I thought I would be able to use it for school (iWork, Evernote, Bluetooth keyboard), for play (games, iLife), and casual use (web browsing). It's really not good at productivity.

    After months of having it, I don't know if I want it anymore. All tablets are pure luxury items at this point. That's why I'm excited for Windows 8.
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    I agree for the most part. But I prefer Android for both gaming (toy) and productivity.

    But productivity it just works. I currently have my Xoom plugged into my TV as I type this, I dont need wifi mirroring because I dont need to touch my tablet as a bluetooth keyboard AND mouse work. Notice the cursor on the right.


    For gaming here is my current example. I'm getting ready for hurricane Sandy on the east coast by getting all my mobile devices ready. Not only did I download a bunch of ROM's for emulators (N64, Playstation, SNES, NES etc) I downloaded a ported version of Doom from the app store. It was just the shareware version but a simple Google search and I was able to download the WAD files for the full version of Doom 1, 2, 3, and some other ones I never played Pluthea (sp?) and TNT. They work perfectly. Without a file system that would have been impossible to do. Plus with USB hosting I just plug my PS3 controller in and use that which is 100x better then on screen controls IMO on even games that are designed around on screen controls. Personally I have no use for modern mobile games if I can play thousands upon thousands of old GOOD games....


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    Completely agree. If this is the final design (and praying to god it isn't) it looks horrible.

    I think, as a direct result of the Apple lawsuits, Google is determined that all of their nexus devices avoid the "rounded rectangle" look. Which is really annoying because for a touch screen device that shape makes sense, looks simplistic, and looks good.

    I have a galaxy nexus and I think it looks fine. But I was really disappointed to see the LG Nexus follow the same rounded top and bottom and I'm even more disappointed to see the Nexus 10 follow that same design.

    It is hideous and as a loyal Android user it makes me want to pick up an iPad out of spite...More probably I will just pick up a nexus 7 at some point because I am still not completely convinced I need a tablet in the first place.

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