Nexus 7 32GB or Nexus 10, which one will you get?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Dolorian, Oct 27, 2012.


Which one will you buy?

  1. Nexus 7 32GB

    22 vote(s)
  2. Nexus 10

    9 vote(s)
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    I was hoping for a Nexus 10 but I did not like the design of the leaked unit. Asus should have made the Nexus 10 too, Samsung just can't seem to pull it off when it comes to tablets imo.. The Nexus 7 on the other hand is one sexy little tablet, with 32GB at the rumoured $249 price it is killer. Definitely getting it.

    What about you?
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    You are forgetting the lawsuits Apple threw at Samsung. I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is thin and sleek. That of course is before Apple went thermal nuclear on Samsung. So as to appease both Apple and the courts they had to change the look of their tablets.

    I bought the N7 because of the size and hardware.
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    I wholeheartedly disagree. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 and its fantastic. I have since sold both my new iPad and my Nexus 7. Will also be picking up a Galaxy Note 2. I will check out the Nexus 10 but I am a fan of TW and I really like some of the S Pen functions. Neither of which will be available on the Nexus tablet.
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    Just sold my Nex 7. Too small to "enjoy" surfing the web. Yes it works, but just too much scrolling side to side and up and down.

    I'm trying the Nex10!!!!
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    Already got my Nexus 7 16GB so no 32GB for me but the wife has promised me Santa will be bringing a Nexus 10 my way this Christmas. :eek::D
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    I'm a fan of the smaller tablets so my proclivity is towards the N7.
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    Nexus 10. Excellent hardware staying at the top for at least a year. It's, at last, a worthy contender to the iPad 3/4 - one that I'll also use and not just put in the drawer to gather dust because of the inferior screen.


    Now I wish the big-screen Notes had a Full HD (or even better-resolution) screen. For me, the low(ish) screen resolutions of all large-screen Wacom pen-based Adroid tablets have been dealkillers.
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    Nexus 7 has good specs and seems generally more interesting than the nexus 10. Maybe the 10 is better in person, but in the video the bulging sides make it look cheap.

    The iPad mini is looking like a worth competitor to the nexus 7 and if the iPad 4 is anything like the iPhone 5, it will be hard to beat.
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    I like a 10" tablet and my Xoom is due for an update. I like the micro USB + micro hdmi out so I can still hook it up to my TV I just wonder if ill be able to charge it.

    As far as the looks I think it's terrible at least looking at that leaked photo. That may actually prevent me from getting it. I'll need to see one in person.
  11. 3bs
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    I have a 16GB Nexus 7 and I'm tempted to get a 32GB 3G version but I probably won't.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I personally am debating about getting a Nexus 7 for myself but then again I already own a 10" tablet.
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    I have the 16gb Nexus. I just tether my phone when I want data.

    Works like a charm.

    That Nexus 10 is looking sexy though and the specs and resolution are drool worthy.
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    Care to sell to your ol pal onthecouchagain? :D
  15. 3bs
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    I was actually thinking about doing that. I wouldn't mind paying the difference and getting the 3G version but I paid extra for 2 years insurance and I live in Ireland :p
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    have you tried just tethering your phone? Or do you like to just carry the tablet itself?
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    Have the 7.

    Previous to the 7 I hardly used my iPad and in the end gave it to the in laws. It was just too heavy, really defeats (for me) the purpose of having something more portable than a laptop.

    Now with the 7 it fits in my pocket. It's a squeeze but it works and it's not that uncomfortable. And it's light. Works well as a reader or video player on the train.
  18. 3bs
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    I do tether to my phone and have unlimited data too but it's just more convenient.
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    I have Nexus 7 and have trouble putting it down. The 16:9 ratio feels really nice, unlike iPad mini's screen aspect ratio.
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    Help me out here, isn't 1280x800 16:10 aspect ratio? :confused:
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    1024x768. iPad's ratio is 4:3.
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    im so stuck on surface vs ipad 4 vs nexus 10. damnit lol. i think im getting a nexus 4 for sure so now i got to see whats up...
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    The Nexus 10 has a better processor, more RAM, and higher screen resolution. It seems to win the gaming argument hands down. but what about the apps for Android tablets (aren't they pretty much minimal)?
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    Nexus 10
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    I was asking about the N7. I thought 1280x800 would be 16:10 aspect ratio? That's the confusing part.

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