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Nexus 7 (cellular): anyone get shipping info yet?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by jsw, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    I ordered a Nexus 7 w/cellular not long after I ordered the Nexus 4.

    40 hours later, I got my shipping email about the N4 (although UPS didn't post tracking updates of any sort until 10 hours later).

    Almost 12 hours after that N4 email, still nothing about the 7. I'm just curious if anyone has gotten at least a shipping email.
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    Yeah it's odd. Ordered early Tuesday, got my confirmation email but no ship notification yet. Sucks also that the only option was 3-5 days.
  3. jsw
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    Yup. Still nothing, > 48 hours since order.

    In cases like this, they should at least, I think, send emails letting people know they're still processing orders. I mean, it's Google. I think they can figure out how to send emails.
  4. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    Just got my shipping email with a tracking number that, likely, won't show anything on UPS until tonight.

    I'm happy in that I'll have it before Wednesday afternoon, when I go, but, damn it Google... speed up your order processing! I'd be a lot happier if it shipped slower on UPS but left sooner, because at least UPS freaking updates the status.
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    Yeah, I called to bitch and they said to give it a few more hours. An hour later my tracking number popped up. I can't say I'm happy with it not shipping out the same day, I suppose I'm spoiled with Amazon, but once I have it in my hands I'm sure I'll forget all about it.

    I'm hoping they upgrade us to 2 day shipping like they did with the N4.
  6. jsw
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    Just checked my tracking - it will be here Monday, despite going out mid-morning. It was upgraded to "Early Delivery" according to the tracking (so Monday instead of Tuesday).
  7. jsw
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    It has arrived. I got a T-mobile SIM for it on Friday, popped it in, everything is loading now. 4.2 upgrade went fine, most of the apps are on, and I'll load all the others that wouldn't fit in the 8GB confines of my first 7.

    Other than some enhancements due to cellular (I got a text from T-mobile thanking me for using them... I hadn't realized I could text), it's the same old 7, which is just fine by me.

    If it were me, I'd highly recommend the $50 upgrade to cellular if you ever think you might use it. With month-to-month plans readily available, it costs you nothing (other than that initial $50) to not use it when you don't need it.
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    How much are the month to month plans? There's no contracts? Is that how iPads work too? Do they offer no contract plans?

    So, you can just activate it at the beginning of the month with your Nex 7 and Tmo? This interests me.
  9. jsw
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    I only know about T-mobile's plans (I got a T-mobile SIM because I was already there getting one to try out the Nexus 4 before swapping in the one from the iPhone 4S). I paid $35 for 3.5GB for a month, and there were other plans (but that seemed like the sweet spot for me). And yes, no contract. Renew as you wish, with whatever plan you wish.

    I think AT&T is roughly similar, but I'm not sure. The last MTM plan I had with them was the no-longer-available unlimited one on the iPad, which I've cancelled long ago.
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    Mine is on the UPS truck, woo. Can you confirm that it's a microSIM? I'm hoping to just pop my old one out of my ipad and into the N7.

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