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Nexus 7 Crushes iPad 1-4, Mini, and iPhone 5 on Prime Number Calc. Test

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by VFC, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. VFC
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    Very surprising results when executing a Prime number calculation test. The Nexus 7 beats out all the Apple tablets; including the new iPad 4.

    Also interesting is how iOS 6.0.1 is ~ 65% slower than 5.1.1.

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    I'm always of the belief that not all OS updates are created equal or make things better. That's why I tend to approach updates with caution. My iPad's run great with 5.1.1 ( current OS ) and have read lots of issues with iOS 6 and 6.0.1 so now I look forward to what iOS 6.1 brings to the table.

    Thankfully it looks like my iPad 2 may even get iOS 7 since it's similar hardware to the Mini. But yeah no surprise regarding iOS 6. ;)

    As for the N7 i'm happy with it even without out those results. It's a fantastic product and OS for the asking price of $199~$249.
  3. VFC
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    You don't think Apple slowed down my iPad 3 to "encourage" me to upgrade to the iPad 4; do you?
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    I seriously doubt that but yeah that was another reason I stayed put on 5.1.1 :)
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    I would imagine because the prime number test usually runs a worker on each core?

    or this is not like prime95?
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    That's great news, I can't count how many times I've done complex prime number calculations on my iPad.

    Oh wait, I can. It's zero.
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    You never use encryption?
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    Encryption with regards to what?
  9. VFC, Nov 8, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2012

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    Safari, Chrome, I.E., Firefox, etc. all use encryption.

    The Prime Number calculations use the same CPU instruction set that a tablet uses 100% of the time while it is being used. Even when you are playing a game, the CPU is making a billion+ calculations per second controlling every aspect of the game and building the 3D triangle wire frames for the images (the GPU adds the skins, Z-axis, shading, lighting effects, edge anti-aliasing, etc), so the Prime Number calculation results are very important.

    My iPad 3 shows its CPU weakness when I play Zen Pinball. As I progress further into the game and every light, special effect, and multiple balls are in play, it slows down to where the ball is moving in slo-mo and the flipper response time becomes nearly unplayable. The same game and tables work at full speed on my Nexus 7; as I would expect with a Prime Number calc result nearly 4 times faster than my iPad 3 and twice as fast as the iPad 4.
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    They sure as hell slowed down my iPad 1 with the last update. It's a useless pos now.

    My Galaxy Note2 will be here tomorrow and I was going to pick up a Nexus 7. Not sure if I'll need the 7 now.

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