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Nexus 7 experience really poor compared to mini

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Scott6666, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Don't be fooled by the people telling you the Nexus 7 is as good and save the money. The Apple experience is still SO much better than the Nexus. Feel good about your mini.

    I have a Nexus 7 that I use to develop work applications - since we are too cheap to buy iPhones for our workers, so they get Androids (unless you're an executive, then you get an iPhone).

    Have mini on order but I'm thinking why am I spending so much money on the mini when I can just use this $250 Nexus like my iPad? So I tried.

    On paper it's got all the right specs. The major apps are all there. Why not?

    Just like Apple used to say, the i<stuff> "just works". 70% of the Nexus is a struggle:

    * Mail is fine. No issues there. Except that you get a gMail app and a mail app. Spent a while trying to add my imap mail to the google mail app before I realized there was an other app for email. Got that now.

    * Web browser (chrome) is OK. But text is not much better than the mini (a little). Still need to expand it to read. What's really missing is the READER feature of Safari. Works brilliantly to give you nice readable web page on the mini.

    * Tried to watch a movie off my DLNA server. First go off to the Play store. Download and install the highest rated app or two. Klunky interface but finds my server. Try to play. No video player embedded in the DLNA app. Huh? Need to use a separate add on video player. Download one. Works crappy. Plays one type but not the other. Download another one. Plays both but has all kind of weird screens before and after playing. Oh yeah, neither seems to remember where I stopped off if I stop a movie mid way. No 30 second forward or skip buttons. Download a few more video players. Ugh. Finally have one that sees to work.

    Whoops, accidentally got into screen shot mode on this player. Takes a picture. Pops up again. Hit cancel, takes another picture. Stuck in loop. Reboot. Now have about 10 screenshots in some folder somewhere. Have to go download a file app to find the pictures and delete them.

    Now I'm using the tablet in portrait. Every time I play a video it spins over to landscape mode. Have to turn tablet. Stop playing. Goes back to portrait, turn back. No way to stop it from turning sideways.

    Figure, let's just use the ABC app and watch it there. Nothing in the play store from ABC networks. Lots of kid games and apps from local affiliates. Give up on that.

    I could go on...

    Now I know some of this is just finding the good apps. I also know that your common apps like Groupon, maps, Angry birds are going to be OK. But it's still the wild west out there on a Nexus.

    ****It's designed by engineers and that's exactly how it behaves.****

    It's gotten better over the years. Android 4.x is usable. But it still is a hassle.

    Back to the iPad with great relief. Blood pressure down. Extra $100, not feeling so bad about that...
  2. Quantus, Nov 3, 2012
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    Nexus scales fonts much better. Makes a world of difference.
  3. klover, Nov 3, 2012
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    Everyone's "experience" is relative, there is no universal measurement.

    For instance, using my stock N7 I can run the utorrent app, download some TV shows, and watch them using the VLC app. That's not an experience possible with the mini.

    Conversely, I prefer the pay-version Scrabble app on the mini vs. the ads-based version on the N7.

    Each has its benefits to me.
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    Nice post I agree with your statements op
  5. Scott6666, Nov 3, 2012
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    When I priced out the mini at $700 or so with 64gb and Applecare I really wanted to like the Nexus I already had. But after 2 days, the Nexus just seems so primitive.

    Just wanted people to feel better about justifying the Apple price premium.

    We are paying for more than just pixels. (There are enough debates on screen density that we don't need another one).
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    I had the Nexus 7 for a while, and I got rid of it. I love the mini though, probably because iOS is so polished.
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    Just tried this and utorrent thing worked well. Could not figure out what VLS app you mean. The first on the Play store requires some kind of connection to my mac or PC running VLC. Huh? The rest on the Play store looked similar. Anyway, one of the 7 video viewers I've already downloaded (first post) played the video.

    I was not totally comfortable downloading a TV show without a peer blocker but it worked. A quick look on the App store shows no torrent downloaders. Guessing Apple considers that an illegal use kind of thing. If not someone needs to port utorrent to iOS. Anyone know if it's been blocked by Apple?

    Point to Nexus - and their wild west Play store.

    PS I hate having the Nexus headphone jack on the bottom. Trying to rest it on my lap doesn't work with the cord sticking out. I've had to adapt the Nexus to play upside down (with yet another utility app).

    But the fonts on the utorrent app looked fantastic!
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    I added gmail to the standard email app ... No issues at all and now everything in the same place.
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    VLC, not VLS. Search for VLC and it's the first item. A mobile version of the PC/MAC VLC media player.

    It once existed in iOS as well but no longer.
  10. jsw
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    70%? It seems like it's all fine except you can't find a good DLNA app. DLNA app usage is 70% of why you own a tablet? Fine, but that's not typical.
    Totally agree about Reader. It's fantastic - when it works, that is. I still find it to be hit-or-miss, but I love it when it decides to show itself.
    So, you tried a few apps, presumably free ones, and found one that works? I am not seeing the problem here.
    Seems like perhaps you were accidentally hitting power and volume. Regardless, you didn't need to download a file app (although the fact you can download a file app is a huge plus for Android); you could just use the included Gallery app, which isn't exactly hidden.
    Other than update the OS - for free - to the latest version, which fixed this a while ago.
    Granted, there is less access to network media.
    That's not a fair assessment. Google Play is as easy to use as the App Store. There is less there - but still half a million or so - but it's not hard to find things. Even better? You can get a refund within the first 15 minutes if you don't like an app. That in and of itself is a huge plus. Buy one for iOS and don't like it? Generally, you're screwed.
    To me, this is a plus.

    I will completely grant that there are more high-quality apps on iOS. I use them all the time. But the options for the Nexus 7 are not nearly as bad as you make them seem - it's getting almost to the point of parity now, and I expect the iOS advantage to go to near zero shortly, with lots of perks to Android.

    This is why I own both types of devices. They compliment each other well.
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    Exactly. This whole idea of being loyal to only one side is ridiculous. We're consumers and our primary goal is to serve a selfish need and often times that requires multiple brands. I am entrenched in Apples ecosystem. The guy next to me uses Windows and Android and my boss uses Windows and iOS. All of us get the job done despite not having the same tools.

    So for the OP to claim "Don't be fooled by the people telling you the Nexus 7 is as good and save the money" is ridiculous because he is trying to create negativity towards a product simply because he doesnt understand how to make it work.
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    Sorry to crash the party but as an owner of 2 iPad's I own a Nexus 7 and think it's freaking great. No issues with it or Google Play. :D

    Was thinking of buying a Mini this weekend to add to my collection but none were available.
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    In and out less than 3 days

    During the waiting of the iPad mini, I bought a used Nexus 7 just to try it. Bearing in mind I already had a GNote, so I know what to expect from Android.

    I like the map much much better than iOS 6, and really miss the street view! It does have a real GPS even though it does not have cellular. (Question again: why can't Apple give us a real GPS in WiFi only iPad?? Doesn't make any sense!)

    Widgets are kind of cool, but also confusing and overwhelming if you don't know what to do with them.

    Other than that, I don't feel anything better than iPad. The screen is not that great even at higher resolution. The whole OS still feels not as smooth as iOS. Browser? I really hate 16:10, no matter potrait or wide screen! (Can't imagine 16:9 in other android pad!)

    Got iPad mini yesterday. Everything seems better, except font rendering in web sites, and just a little bit too wide for single hand. But the Nexus 7 is back on sale now. Hope someone will grab it soon! :)
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  15. jsw
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    Well said.

    It's impossible to say which product is better unless you know the end user's needs, and even then it can be difficult.


    Apple, of course, has never come under file for such things.
  16. Guest

    Yeah, iPad mini doesn't let you illegal stuff.

    That's why Android guy are so cheap, not that they pirate Apps, but they also do the same with books / video / etc ...

    Seeing a lot of people around me switching to Android because jailbreak is not available on new Apple hardware so they can't pirate anything anymore.

    I can't wait to see all of them moving to Android so all crap free stuff and freemium will go away with them on Android.


    Clearly not. That's funny to see people like you trying to put Google and Apple in the same basket and ignoring the fact that the Google business model is RAPING your privacy.

    When something is free, YOU are the product.

    What's even funnier is people saying "if you have nothing to hide, then it's ok" or other ****** arguments. And sawing them shooting on forums when a law is coming to monitor network connection against piracy.
    Then they forget their nice advices...
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    I have never bought an app for any of my iPad's. I get so many free stuff from the devs via appshopper. :)
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    Is there a point here?
  20. Guest

    Go for an Android tablet ! :D
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    I just did lol. :)
  22. jsw
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    So, when Apple kept track of everywhere your iDevice had been since it was first turned on, that wasn't a privacy issue? When they make user-based ads require an opt-out on phones (in a way most users will never find and will, in fact, likely interpret in the way opposite to the way it actually works), that's not a privacy issue?

    How is Google raping my privacy any more than that? I don't actually care if I get better, more targeted ads, so I don't see the problem. If you're that worried, just avoid Gmail, and Google won't know any more about you than Apple does... which is not to say Apple doesn't mine iCloud docs and email as well.


    I've always seen that as "When you are the product, things are cheaper or free."

    I don't see it as a negative.
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    Yes. He likes his iPad.
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    Funny way to express it :)
  25. jsw
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    The way I see it, given how awesome the Nexus 7 is (no sarcasm - I love mine), the iPad Mini must be truly phenomenal in order for the Nexus 7 experience to be really poor when compared to it. ;-)

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