Nike Golf Tour Accuracy golf bag. (for all the golfers out there)

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    Hello, I purchased this bag about three weeks ago along with my new Nike Slingshots. I just sold my slingshots, I did not like the lack of workability, and purchased some new irons. Now I have this sweet bag, but I like to have matching bag/clubs. So, this one has to go. It retails for 299, I paid 199 for it. I am willing to sell it for 165. If interested, please let me know. It is a super nice golf bag. I tried to make the slingshots work, just b/c I liked the bag so much. :eek:

    Please email me at if interested.

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    sorta o/t but that is a kick ass bag. If I didn't already have one I'd want it bad!
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    I purchased a different Nike bag about a week before buying this one. Luckily, I had not used it because I was waiting for my new clubs to come in. I went into Edwin Watts during my lunch hour just to pass time. I saw the bag and had to buy it. I returned the other one later that night. :D I absolutely love the bag, but, I think it looks kind of dumb that I am using King Cobra irons and not Nike ones. Maybe I will buy a Nike Sasquatch driver and keep the bag :eek:
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    what's wrong with that? I got Titleist and Taylor Made clubs along with a Ping bag. Unless I'm missing something... :confused:

    btw, nice bag.
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    I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with it. I am just goofy like that. :D

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