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Nike+iPod require nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lisius_kent, Jun 29, 2006.

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    I was thinking about buying one of those shoe receiver things to work with my 5G iPod but apple says I need a nano is that true?
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    Seeing as they say it only supports the Nano, then i am pretty sure they are not lying to you
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    Damn how could they do that only offer a new goody on there low end iPods
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    Because they don't want to explicitly tell you to run with your hard drive-based iPod, which could give you more leverage against them if your iPod breaks due to the vibrations caused by running.
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    Ah ok thanks :D
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    i won't want to use my 5g ipod to do exercise anyway, i am still using my mini for sports. the 5g is too big too bulky, to difficult to keep on your body (like who wears a belt to run, if you have a lanyerd it hits your boobs, pockets are not deep enough (or rather my clotehs don't have pockets)

    sounds exciting, but how will this nike/ ipod thing work in the non running enviornment?

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