Nike+ sensor holder, neat!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cybix, Feb 9, 2007.

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    The "Switcheasy - RunAway"

    picked this up when I purchased my nike+ kit, it's very cool and works with any shoes that have laces :)

    pics should explain themselves. It's neat that it can also store/hold the nano receiver when in storage! and, a little 'sleep/wake' button presser built in, you never need to take the sensor out of this thing. neato :D

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    I need one of these. Where did you find it?
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    my local apple reseller, Australia :) try google?
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    I saw this a few weeks ago. This looks like the most elegant of all the lace ties that I've seen. I may pick one up when I switch shoes, but I've already cut a hole in the insole of my current ones, and that works just nicely.
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    Really? I have done that with my Asics and got poor results. Got any tips?
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    Here's some pics. I just used a box cutter to cut a hole in the insole underneath my arch. I *barely* feel the sensor sticking up, and only when I'm done with my run- when my feet have flattened out. Aside from that, it doesn't bother me in any way. I decided to go through the insole (instead of the midsole like it sounds you did) just in case I f-ed it up. A new insole would only cost me a few bucks.

    With regards to how accurate it is, it seems like I'm one of the lucky ones. When I've mapped it using the google thing, it's always within a couple hundredths or so on the short run that I was doing (1.25 miles), and it's pretty close to the same on my latest runs on the treadmill.

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    I just got my self and Nike+ sensor and I'd like to fix it to my shoe. On the back of the sensor, there is a little button .. does it has to be pressed so that it works ?

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