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Nike + Serial # Differences?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Vader, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I just got my Nike + two days ago, I as very excited. I bought it from someone on the forum. He said he got it from apple and never used it.

    I used it yesterday and it worked alright besides it not being calibrated and it horribly underestimating my distance. Today my ipod crashed and froze up, I had to reset it. I looked at the serial # on the nike + things. Strange, the little thing you put in your shoe had a different serial than the receiver (receiver has same serial as appears on the box) that plugs into the ipod. I know the receiver is supposed to work with multiple transceivers, so this shouldn't cause the problem I am having, but it seems strange to me. The serial # on the box and receiver shows up on apple, but the one on the transceiver is rejected by apple.
    Are these #'s supposed to mach up?
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    Last two workouts it has worked fine, that one workout must've been a fluke.
    Still I wonder about the serial #'s though.
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    It had been working fine up until today. I was 5 minutes from finishing my workout, and my ipod crashed/froze again. Does anyone else experience this type of trouble? I am trying to figure out if my ipod is crappy, or if the nike + has a problem.
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    i dont have any issues with my two receivers and 1st / 2nd gen nano's.

    got latest software/firmware installed on the nano?
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    I have a used nano 1st gen, latest firmware.
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    Serial #'s are different on mine as well, and I bought mine new in December. But it does its job, so won't be losing sleep over it.

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