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Nikon D3h and D3x preview video (with pictures). Highly interesting and reputable

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Everythingisnt, Jun 11, 2008.

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    What do you think of this? As far as I know, the creator of this video is respectable and seems to be in touch with Nikon.. Then again he could be misleading us..
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    Kamera RAWr

    I find it rather strange... why would Nikon now make a D3H? Unless I missed something in the video (didn't watch it all). My impression is that the D3 replaces the D2H and a D3X would obviously replace the D2X. Differences being the X would have more MP for those that want/need it, but a little slower perhaps.

    Just my thoughts :eek:
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    Not sure myself, but I'm guessing that the H and X form the extreme ends of the speed/quality spectrum while the D3 will fit comfortably in the middle..

    After all the vid. claims the D3h will by 8.7 mp..
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    8.4MP @ 11FPS on the rapid fire H model?
    17.8MP @ 3.5FPS on the X model?

    Looks like these would be pretty yawn-worthy over the current D300 and D3 models.

    CF cards by SanDisk ONLY? :rolleyes:

    220 RAW buffer on the H would be pretty knockout.
    24-bit on the X model? If true, game over. HIGHLY unlikely. 12bit to 14bit is a monumental leap.
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    Westside guy

    Let's see: it's not really a video, it's like 4 photos that have been "Ken Burns"ed. And these supposed prototypes are sitting on a skateboard - what's up with that?

    It's a lot easier to fake a photo than to fake a video.

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    Those specs were absolute bunk.
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    Watch some of his other videos and research the guy himself. He actually seems pretty reliable, but then again it's just my opinion..

    Also, I think that it isn't the frame-rate of the H that will be knockout, but the ISO performance. Did you see those specs? Something from 15 - 250,000 ISO!!!

    It makes sense too.. an 8mp FULL FRAME sensor should def. deliver good high ISO performance.. So I'm guessing that's what Nikon is aiming for.

    As for the X, as you saw it has ISO 12-640, which is pretty incredible in its own right. Imagine the smoothness of pictures you'll get with that. As for 24bit, that is also pretty amazing..
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    A bit depth of 1 is 2 to the 1st power= 2 possible colors, either black or white. A bit depth of 12 would be 2 to the 12th power = 4,096 possible tones and a bit depth of 14 would be 2 to the 14th power = 16,384 possible tones.

    That leap took an awfully long time. Going from 16,384 tones to 16,777,216 tones in one generation is impossible.

    I'll eat my hat and buy a D3X if I'm wrong. The whole thing is off base, sorry to burst your bubble! :rolleyes:
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    This guy is the idiot who pours stuff on his d3 for attention. Nobody takes him seriously. Less rumor cred then Ken Rockwell :rolleyes:
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    There are so many INSANE things here. Seriously, a top shutter speed of 1/2000th on the X? Just WHY would Nikon do that? 16000th on the H?! What's with the arbitrary differences in min shutter speed too?

    The ISO thing is also rubbish, I mean, seriously. These slow speeds would be well below optimal, and the 'D3x' range is stupidly skewed towards the low end. And then... it comes up again, further down, but specifies a different range for the x.

    Frame rate on the H too low.

    No DX available on the D3x, Why?

    Differences in self timer duration?!

    The buffer on the 'x' is hopeless.

    The RAW bit depth is also, COMPLETELY INSANE and implausible as highlighted.

    Pocketwizard transceiver?! You're having a laugh.

    Essentially, this is simply the worst, most implausible and ill-researched concoction I have ever seen. If these represent real prototypes and intentions when we see them reflecting the specs here, I will, buy one and wear it as a hat before eating it with pink-sauce.

    Highly interesting, and reputable. Oh, indeed. He also claims to be a director of photography for National Geographic. Perhaps the 24bit RAW claim was made in order to make the lunacy of his suggested employment seem minimal?
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    He is a shill. Its a promo for his blog/photography site and nothing else. No, Nikon did not give a nonexistant camera to a 20something year old idiot. People chewed him out on fredmiranda.
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    I stopped watching at 24 bit.

    Even if this technology existed, Nikon wouldn't make this jump in one generation of cameras. If you look at how camera companies release point and shoots (and DSLRs for that matter) you would realize that they would introduce this technology one step at a time.
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    As tight lipped a company as Nikon is there is now way some kid with a YouTube account is posting anything remotely true.

    I think the rumors of a D3x are very likely (hopefully in time for the Olympics) but you're not going to get your first news of it from this loser.
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    Joe Spina (the author of the video) is a well-known joke and troll on several web sites - he's been banned from DPR at least three times that I know of. He has serious attention-need issues. Nothing he reports can be believed.

    Search on Darth Vader II at DPR for a set of broader-based opinions on the guy.
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    Thats what I was trying to get across. And also truth.
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    OH my.. Just searched for 'Darth Vader II'... Oh my :eek::eek:
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    No, they're not of interest because the guy who made them is a dumbass, and you keep saying "He seems credible", which doesn't change the fact that they're fake. You're just a bit gullible, and while I'm sure you're not the only one, just take a look at the specs and tell me whether they're even possible. Space vacations will become the norm before those specs do.
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    You're right, I have shown myself to be rather gullible and naive.. :eek::(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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    You just have too much hope. You must be young. Soon, you won't have any hope left, which means you'll never believe something before they see it, like the rest of us.
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    Westside guy

    I love it when someone who's in their 20s says to someone else "You must be young". :D
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    Age 20 commenting to age 16. :eek:

    Rumor sites are fun because we all want to believe in something more than we have right now. The younger we are, the more we want to believe.
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    Yes... I guess I'm an impetuous youth compared to a wizened old 20 year old :p

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