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Nikon D80 Full after 7 Pictures

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jbrindger, Apr 22, 2009.

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    My Nikon D80 is saying full after seven pictures. I have a 2 GB memory card and usually take between 500 and 600 shots before it is full. I have done everything I know how. Any thoughts?
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    go to your camera's menu and reformat the card and see if that works.
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    Second that. Make sure the card isn't locked either.
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    If all else fails, pull the battery with the card out.
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    And just to emphasise, format the card in the camera, not with your computer.
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    I always format the card after every download is completed and backed up. Don't "delete" the pictures, actually format the card.
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    If you deleted the photos on the card on your computer, make sure you empty the trash. It won't actually release the space as free until you do.
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    This is a rare possibility, but there could also be a separate folder, from say another camera, and that would explain it..Most likely scenario is that you didn't empty the trash.
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    I also second this one... Very possible you used this card in another camera, which would have created a separate folder for you pictures. Your new camera doesn't "see" this folder, but instead just thinks the card is full.

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