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NIN fans

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by GigaWire, Feb 2, 2002.

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    I jusy picked up the "And all that could have been" ,by Nine Inch Nails, CD yesterday. In the liner notes there is an interesting note:

    "Alll audio was edited, assembled and manipulated on Apple Macintosh computers using Digidesign's Pro Tools software."

    never seen a mention of the computer used before.
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    yeah they had an article on apple.com for a while about how they made their new dvd with a mac
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    me hate windows


    My brother is a artist trying to get himself known. Right now he uses a G4 667 with a Motu 896 and a Motu 828. If you don't know what those are they are gizmos that plug into the firewire port and you plug your mic, guitar, and any other instrument into it and it sends it to the Mac and you can edit it with software like Protools as said above, or the quadrabillions of other programs.

    Go to www.motu.com:)
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    NIN & Macintosh

    it's pretty well known of Trent Reznor's love for Macinsoth computers....

    I know he recorded "the fragile" on Macintosh....

    as a matter of fact, I think I recently read an article which says he's been with Macintosh since the begining.... :p
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    trent has always been a fan of apple. he's done multiple interviews on apple.com and usually raves about apple's products in tech interviews. the nin camp has been know to use PC's on occassion for specific issues, but they've always been apple users at heart. check-out nin.com and sometimes they'll have web shots of there multiple (apple networked) sudios. Huge RAIDS and flat apple displays.

    nin inspired me too pursue art/music as a career. there just a bunch of geeks with the latest toys and that always appealed to me. many talented artists have been a part of the nin crew:

    richard patrick (filter), chris verenna (tweaker/remixer/producer), charlie claouser (remixer/producer), danny lohner (remixer/producer) to name a few . . .
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    Don't forget Douglas Adams

    Did you know Douglas Adams wrote all his books on Mac's as well.

    So they are used for more than just music!
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    if you go to the NIN web site

    and under general information it also states that everything was done on Apple hardware.
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    BT mentions Protools on most his albums..

    ...Infact one tune on his last album just used a Powerbook and software synths.

    I think BT and Trent Reznor are 2 people who apple should use in their marketing, well they already used BT in the Powerbook G4 ads but you know what I mean.

    People have a lot of respect for the artists they follow, I know that the fact almost every musician I'm a fan of uses a mac to make their music had a definate influence on me sticking with the Atari ST platform until I could afford a powermac. I could have gone the windows route and saved a few hundred or so but it never seemed worth it because I've only really used macs and atari's my whole life for both work and as my home computer.
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    he's another who's very fond of Macintosh.... :p
  10. zed
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    zed, who are you ?

    and who is BT?

    a rapper?
  12. zed
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    who am i?

    uhm... just someone who often reads but never posts..... and who lives near N.O.

    BT, techno-guy, raver
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    Pulp Fiction

    zed's dead baby.....zed's dead...

    sorry I couldn't resist!! :p

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