Ninjas rescue student from muggers

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by notjustjay, May 20, 2010.

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    Man, I would have loved to be there to see that.

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    He was probably like, "Damn, y'all my ninjas!"

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    ninjas ftw!!!

    Reminds me of the Hopkins med student that sliced up a burglar that lunged towards him.

    Also reminds me of that Deadliest Warrior show on SpikeTV. Ninjas vs Muggers. After they plug the "data" into their "sophisticated computer program" (that looks like the matrix screen) the ninjas win!!!
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    It would have been better if they had sneaked up behind the burglars then beat the living s*** out of them rather than scaring them off.
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    Is there anything ninjas can't do?
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    HOAX - real ninja's are green and eat pizza all day.
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    I keep hearing this in my head:

    Robber's Buddy: "Why didn't you score anything?"
    Robber: "I was attacked by Ninjas."
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    You should really get that sorted mate....
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    Note to self - don't mug anyone in front of a martial arts school.
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    I remember seeing a news article a few years ago where a guy tried to carjack a van loaded with Judo students. The would-be carjacker got carried off in an ambulance, not a police car. Guess this guy didn't see that article.
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    Oo. You think the ninjas are in there too?
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    Yup, beat pirates.

    That's right, I went there.
    That would explain those headaches you've been complaining about.
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    yeah, everything what chuck norris CAN do.
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    Of course, if this had been in America, and if the Ninjas actually attacked the muggers and hurt them, the muggers would then sue the ninjas and their school and probably win. THAT'S what's effed up about our country.
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    Are the police shure it wasn't the shooting of the remake of the karate kid. Because who does a remake of the karate kid come on I will watch the new one and be like o that's the pic fro me the news paper when those ninjas attacked. LOL:D
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    Am I the only one who would have burst out in laughter if I saw 3 ninjas try to rescue someone I was robbing??? :p I probably would have laughed, not run.
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    Yeah, fail.
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    I remember this
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    Or if my childhood memories are correct: sleep with April.
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    Sry, m8. Rule 34.
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    Sure makes for one awesome headline.

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