Nintendo and MS taking design cues from Apple?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by dontwalkhand, Jul 7, 2007.

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    Am I the only one crazy enough to think that the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii looks like they are clearly copying Apple's signature products? Then again, MS did copy an entire OS with Windows Vista ;)
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    I'm not too sure about the xbox360 but when I got my Wii my fiance said it looks like something that apple would design...and I think she's right!:p
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    Because they're both white?
    The Wii is glossy?

    I guess then you believe that Apple owns all patents, trademarks, and copyrights of anything pertaining to the color white then, eh? :rolleyes:

    Yes, as if one has to do with the other.
    OS X = BSD.
    Vista copied what exactly..? Windows?
    erm...ok then.
    Go start a thread in another forum where this belongs and see how far it goes. :rolleyes:
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    I believe if the Wii were of Apple design, for one thing the buttons would be touch sensitive similar to the power and brightness ones on the side of the cinema displays.

    The 360 looks like it took some design cues from a Dell model I've seen at work.
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    360 looks as far from an Apple product as you're going to get. It's hideous.

    The Wii does look Apple-ish, same for the DS Lite. They are all very similar.
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    I'll give you DS Lite. The 360 not so much. It's better than the Xbox1 that's for sure...but not near apple. In all my design classes apple is the standard on a lot of things though...from product design to packaging and presentation...

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    Yeah... the 360 looks like a white Dell. I guess the Wii and DSLite are what a lot of people refer to as "Apple White", but they're not really Apple inspired...
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    DS yes.
    Wii some what, but that horrid plastic stand would never pass, maybe if it was alluminium...
    360 a little bit.

    Packaging wise though Nintendo are completely using the Apple packaging template down to a tee.
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    The DS Lite box more so, they have the same "matte" effect as iPod boxes, down the the raised and shiny graphic.
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    And Pokemon Diamond lets you spin a wheel on the touch screen to scroll through a long list in the Pokedex!

    lol, and the DS Lite matches my MacBook.

    I dunno, I don't think they're really taking design cues from Apple. At least, not a lot. Apple's smaller systems are metallic (see cube, mini), not white, only the iMac/eMac/MacBook were white, so the Wii doesn't fit that design scheme, and none of Apple systems have blue like the Wii.

    The DS Lite resembles Apple a bit, but only the white one.
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    i seem to remember when MS was developing the Xbox 360, they did some sort of focus group poll for what color they associated with "high quality electronics." The results, which were around the same time the iPod had about 95% of the mp3 player market, reflected Apple's dominance. Almost all of the people polled said that White was what they associated with high quality electronics rather than the black seen by most other electronics manufacturers at the time.

    So do I think MS copied Apple's design? No. Do I think they were inspired by Apple's reputation in the electronics market? Yes.
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    I'm going to say no to the consoles and maybe to the DS.

    Xbox360 looks exactly like a dell cpu and wii just doesn't have it. I don't even think all of apple products are that good looking(well the older products)

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    The irritating thing is Pokemon's wheel goes the opposite way around! I didn't like that. :eek:
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    Someone posted a great comparison picture showing similarities between Nintendo's and Apple's products even including the coloured/translucent N64s which looked extremely similar to the iMac G3s.

    Nintendo did not, as you suggest, copy Apple products in its designs. The Wii is basically a thick SD card shape with glossy white plastic. Big whoop. :p
    Vista is a different matter!
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    I'll bite, but just for the Wii. When I first saw it I said that it looked Apple-esque.

    But as for the 360 no way. It's white and the similarity ends there.
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    GFLPraxis hehehahhahaha

    thats cool :cool::p:p
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    That is pretty cool. I do think the comparison between the Wii and the Mini is stretching it a bit.
    Why did you post a picture of 2 different Dell machines? :p
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    I think if the Wii was white, and on its side, its look more like the Mini.
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    Exactly the image I was talking about. Thank you. :)
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    Yeah, I really don't get why some people find the 360 attractive. I'll 2nd, 3d, or I guess 12th the whole Dell comparison
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    I like the 360.
    Like the Wii too.
    Ps3 is a little too monolithic IMO.

    I'll add that I think consoles laying horizontally look stupid at this point in time. IMO Ps2 [slim], 360, Wii all look better vertically.

    I've said it before, I'll say it looking console is and will always be the TurboDuo IMO. Way ahead of its time. ;)

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