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Nintendo's at it again: no online multi in MP3: Corruption

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by zero2dash, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Such BS. :mad:
    Why does Nintendo even ever mention online play anymore?
    Why did they include WiFi in their last two systems (DS + Wii) when it goes unused 99% of the time?
    Why even hype it like it's a feature when you won't even bother using it?
    By the time they get off their butts and implement it on more than 2-5 games per console, they will be so far behind in that area that their online experience will be like comparing the Flintstones to the Jetsons.

    Give me a break guys.
    Quit with the excuses. People want online play in their games and in this day and age when your competition is leaving you in the dust in that area, your excuses are just becoming more and more retarded.

    Work on it. Get it done. This isn't rocket science. :mad:

    I'm sorry, but this is just fkn ridiculous.
    It's not feasible to say "Nintendo, you blew it" this early in the game, but you know what? Forget that. Nintendo did blow it with their online. AGAIN. At this point in time, I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in Nintendo to release a competent online console experience. For the love of god, systems 10 years ago had online play through add-ons like the Xband (SNES, Genesis) and the NetLink (Saturn). Not to mention how long PC gaming has had online play all this time.

    grr :mad: :mad: :mad:

    If I hadn't have already bought a Wii, I wouldn't buy one now, not after this.
    Set aside their single player games for a moment because no one's questioning whether or not Nintendo is good enough at making a good single player experience. Multiplayer, they blow. Period. 4 player split screen and that's it...that's the best you can give us? Sorry...label me a 'disgruntled Wii owner' (despite all my joy with RWiivil 4), but this crap has to end. Whether I hold onto the Wii for the console's lifespan or not - I can tell you this - it will be the last Nintendo console I purchase. I'm tired of this garbage.

    People can rip on Sony all they want for the laundry list of Ps3 problems (namely price and weak launch), but you know what? At least they've got their $#!t in gear when it comes to online. :rolleyes:
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    I disapprove. So long as it has splitscreen multi.

    That said. It's Metroid. A stellar exploration game with a focus on storyline. If they were to make a multiplayer version I want them to make it seperate and change the gameplay a little. I'd like a Hunters Wii done properly. (actually, it's funny how Halo 2 focused on multi player and made a crappy single player, and Hunters was the opposite.)

    Part of me is hoping Smash Bros Brawl will have online. But it's a party game so... *shrugs*.

    And ps. Calm down :D are you after Prime 3 or a regular online FPS? Online play isn't the second coming.
    "Multiplayer, they blow". LOL. I know you're angry and stuff, but that just threw aside Mario Karts, Smash Bros', Mario Party's, F-Zero...
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    If it does, you know it'll be crippled by friend codes and no chat which (combining both) ruins the experience once you've played games online with chat and a central friends or server list.

    It's not either that I'm after. My point is that I'm sick of Nintendo halfassing everything all of the time. It's like they believe that gamers have some unknown stigma about their 1p experience that they think "nah, people won't give two $#!ts whether we a) include online multiplayer or b) include online co-op". I've been a Nintendo supporter since day one; I've bought every console they've sold minus the Virtual Boy which includes two different NES's, three SNES's, about 4 different Game Boy/Game Boy Advances (and their different versions), as well as their last two failed (in the grand scheme of things as it relates to third party support) consoles, the N64 and Gamecube.

    I'm sick of Nintendo pulling this crap; enough is enough.
    It's 2007.
    Not having an online plan in place was excusable 10 years ago.
    5 years ago, you'd be jeered at.
    Now - it's unacceptable when every other console out there offers it [online].
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    Wow. Well I'm glad I don't put much interest into online gaming :D much prefer having some friends round and playing a few games. I can't be the only person to actually still have friends over to play games?
    This is what Mario Kart DS and other online "party" games lack. The human touch. You might as well be playing a bot, or on PC/360 games, a bot that constantly swears too.

    The way I see it - if the single player is so incredible, like the vast majority of 1st party Nintendo games are, then why bother with a bolted on multiplayer? It didn't harm OoT, hell it didn't harm Twilight Princess.

    (and before folk have a go at me for not liking online play - I'm still addicted to Half Life 2 Deathmatch :D )
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    Nintendo is teh d00med.
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    Incidentally, why have you bolded what the Joystiq editor added? Metroid Prime 3 is the end of the Prime series :D it's not some sneaky comment by Retro announcing a new game.
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    Ja Di ksw


    Wow, this is very, very disappointing. I was hoping to play MP3 with my friend who has moved to another city. He even got a Wii "knowing" that he and I would be playing MP3, Smash, BWii, etc, online together. The Wii was suppose to have such great online potential, but I don't see it coming through. I still love the system, it's so much fun, but come on Nintendo! Here's what they need to start, and SOON:

    ONLINE games! Seriously, more of them. A lot more.
    Give a new, better set up to the Virtual Console. There's just too many games on it now to navigate.
    Independent games being developed and sold online (Coming soon, thankfully, but not soon enough)
    Demo's through WiiConnect24. Where are my DS game demo's? Honestly, WHERE?
    Updates / patches to games through WiiConnect24. New cars or levels for Excite Truck, or make it (gasp) online? New content for old games? What happened to all this stuff?
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    Dude, calm down. Metroid Prime 3 is genuinely a SINGLE-PLAYER GAME. It's not just that it doesn't have online play; as far as I know, it doesn't have multiplayer AT ALL.

    I'd love online play, but if the game doesn't even have mutliplayer?

    Nobody complained that Zelda Twilight Princess didn't have an online multiplayer component. Are you going to get this worked up when they inevitably release Super Mario Galaxy without online multiplayer?


    If Smash Bros or Mario Kart lacks online play, THEN I'll be ticked.

    Heck, if Smash Bros Brawl was released without online play I'd be picketing Nintendo HQ.

    That whole "This will be the last Nintendo console I purchase!" is just ridiculous.
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    Somehow folk forget what Metroid is all about. It's all about exploration and vast non-linear worlds rather than run & gun. Look at the multiplayer in Prime 2, even online wouldn't save that. The format doesn't work. It barely worked in Hunters.
    Out of 9 (count em) Metroid games only 2 have had multiplayer.
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    Yeah, Metroid multiplayer games haven't really worked. They would have had to invest some good time into MP3 and hope it would turn out to be a decent multiplayer FPS component.

    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Auto-targeting?! Come on. Really lame multiplayer. And the maps were tiny.

    Metroid Prime: Hunters - The multiplayer is interesting for a couple matches, but again, tiny maps. And it was too easy to recover health.

    I just hope I can finish both Primes and possibly Metroid: Zero Mission before MP3 comes out. Hopefully the controls will define FPS on the Wii. (Although I still say Elebits and CoD3 did decent work.)
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    Since Metroid is a single non-online game at it's core, I don't care if they add online or multi. If they put it on there it would feel tacked on. I would probably play it once and get back to the single player. MP2 sucked with multi, DS one sucked online. Give me some epic, Super Metroid Action and I'll be happy.

    If this was a game like, say... PSO then I would be pissed. Or like Worms or sumthin' but it isn't, it's freakin Metroid! And it's Nintendo! So don't get your panties in a bunch. Nintendo has been known to play it safe, and that's exactly what they are doing. Once online gets a substantial base, be sure that Nintendo will kick it into high gear. If you are gettin so worked up with this announcement, you're looking at buying MP3 for the wrong reasons.

    I hope Nintendo looks into making a new franchise focused on the Wii-mote and FPS Multi. I'm sure they can pull out a killer one if they wanted to. They really should.
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    Lol.. and you Ninty fans say the Sony fans make up excuses for their actions.. this is great.. say more Jimmi.. "lollipops" as you would say.. :rolleyes:

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    Okay, so you're going to take the side of "Metroid Prime 3 sucks because it has no online multiplayer as it is a single-player game"?

    Seriously, this is the stupidest argument I've ever seen. Let's just argue that Oblivion sucked because it lacked online play. That darn Sony! How DARE they allow the release of a game without online play! I'll never buy a Sony product for as long as I live!

    Seriously, every side of the console war has released single-player-only games. Bashing a single-player game for not having online play is silly; claiming that pointing out that the game is single-player only is an excuse is just stupid. Unless you'd like to apply that logic to Sony's library as well.
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    I agree with Praxis here.

    Now if Smash Bros Brawl doesn't have on-line play, then that's another story.
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    As you would say, "way to contribute" or "I'll report that because it doesn't contribute".

    LOL, nice one Praxis. "How dare Sony not put multiplayer into Oblivion" :D Excellent point too. Since when did multiplayer centric gaming ever need multiplayer? Oblivion (how DARE Bethesda!), Tomb Raider (how DARE Crystal Dynamics!), Final Fantasy (how DARE Sony!), Metal Gear Solid (how DARE Sony again!... how dare they shut down the servers!) :rolleyes:
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    I'd be raiding Nintendo HQ with pitchforks. :mad:
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    Nintendo whats the deal here man....will this machine give me online play or what?

    MP: 3 no online play......cool because if its anything like hunters then I'll pass but the option would of been cool.

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    Which is why Metroid needs a rethink for multiplayer usage. Hunters was on the right path, they just needed to execute it better.
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    well they never announced that it has any multiplayer what-so-ever

    (don't get me wrong it's one of the reasons why i don't buy metroid prime)

    actually they said from the beginning they want to concentrate on the single player after the failed multiplayer of metroid prime 2

    that said they should have created some coop action i would have liked that

    oh and there are gazillion of other single player games out there where nobody cares

    personally i'm waiting for battalion wars 2 for multiplayer action ... (which had online anounced)

    edit: regards to shooter/fps on the wii i've heard quite a few rumors for E3 .. a friend working at a developer said "it might be called 'fps for wii-expo' already" so i guess we will have plenty from that side
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    To me in this day and age there should at the very least be OLC with map downloads and expansions for shooters...then online coop and finally online vs play. This game should have maps at the very least...but then we'd need actual storage space :(

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    Poopface Morty

    Am I one of the only people who doesn't care about online play, or considers it a marginal playing experience? I live in an area not blessed by a cable connection, and I tried XBox Live on wireless DSL, and it was a mess. Seriously, invite some friends over or something. And I was to understand that, what has already been mentioned, multiplayer was completely dropped from Prime 3, as Prime 2's multiplayer was terrible.
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    I have my 360 for Live, PS3 for PSN so I'm not too fussed about the Wii.

    It's more important at this stage for me to actually see some decent titles being released rather than last gen ports with wiggle.
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    To me the lack of online is just another thing working against the Wii. I don't play online much...but like the option. Also like to know some of my games have more legs to them and aren't done 8 hours later. What if I want to play Mario Party but there's no friends in house? Would be nice to have the option. It IS a selling point for a lot of gamers so it should matter to Nintendo.

  24. MRU


    Well it mattered enough for them to build wifi into the console, just not enough to put it into their games ;) :D

    I agree though games which are multiplayer 'centric really do benefit from an online option.

    Metroid in this instance though is more of a single player experience, but wasn't it widly assumed in the 'industry' through all the media and press that the main reason for the major delay from launch game to nearly a year later was for them to add online multiplayer.

    If this is not the case, it proves that Nintendo really do blatantly lie about release dates as it's obvious that Metroid was NEVER going to be released at launch EVER...
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    "widly assumed" like the ps3 taking the lead easily ;)
    that said the comparisation pictures of the same level are quite impressive they added quite a lot of detail and made textures better ... it's not like they sat there doing nothing ...

    that said it should be noted that metroid supports Connect24 and that they have some stuff on the download side

    at least i read that on gamefront.de

    let's wait and see if it really is as epic as they say ("nearly as epic as zelda") because then i think all that whining isn't justified... if it ends after like 10 hours then i'm fine with the bitching and moaning (after all i'm _not_ going to buy it .. just like i didn't buy zelda)

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