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nitoTV: how to transfer files??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Philberttheduck, Jul 7, 2008.

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    so i just hacked my appletv but i dono how to place my video_ts folders onto the atv. any help?
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    I think you can just transfer the movie file to frontrow/movies and then install perian and atvfiles so you can access all the files in your ATV :)
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    downlod "Fugu" or "Cyberduck" and copy the file into the"movies" folder in your "frontrow" directory.
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    A little extra help - your host address is AppleTV.local
    username: frontrow
    pw: frontrow
    Use SSH to connect.

    Tom, maybe you know the problem but most the time when using fugu, when I attempt to transfer a file it briefly flashes the transferring status window but then disappears and fails to transfer the file. It doesn't alert me that it was unsuccessful or anything. not quite sure what is going on. I'm no terminal expert so using Jellyfish is out of the question and I was unable to actually connect using Cyberduck
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    maybe a problem with permissions, make sure you check "Force SSH1 connection" in the advanced options on the initial screen
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    checked :(

    it's strange because i just tested it again and was able to send a pdf file to my ATV just fine. for some reason my videos aren't transferring right now. i guess i'll just shut it off and restart my mac. it has worked in the past, just decides at times it doesn't want to work.
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    if you can't get it to work, pm me and we do it together.
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    i can't connect. i downloaded cyberduck and pressed "open connection" then protocol: SFTP
    server: appletv.local
    port: 22
    url: sftp://frontrow@appletv.local:22
    username: frontrow
    password: frontrow

    i think i may not have enabled ssh (at least correctly.) can someone give me a step-by-step? the strange thing is, bonjour tab recognizes both ftp and sftp for appletv, yet i can't connect. btw i used the atv flash ver 3.1
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    Cyberduck won't work as far as I can tell. You can use Fugu or any other FTP program that allows you to "Force SSH1 connection." If you use Fugu, you'll see the Force SSH1 connection as an option below the username/password fields. Works like a charm.
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    thanks a million. it worked
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    Billy Boo Bob

    You may have to go in at least once with Terminal in order to get past the
    The authenticity of host '<whatever yours is>' can't be established.
    RSA key fingerprint is 70:09:e8:69:57:31:75:66:0b:90:f6:bb:73:67:b7:9c.
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?​
    first run stuff. Answer yes there and your SFTP programs might work better.

    Keep in mind, too, that after an ATV update, things are going to change, most likely, so you may have to remove your previous entry in ~/.ssh/known_hosts to allow even that step to pass cleanly.

    Once mine is all set, I use sshfs to mount the frontrow user partition in Finder. Then I can just use Finder to Drag-N-Drop stuff there. In order to use it, you have to first install the MacFuse core stuff, and I think you can get to "sshfs" app from there (unless it installs with it, I don't remember).

    You also have "MacFusion" available, which works out of a menu when the dust settles, and adds even more features (auto mount, etc...), but I haven't had as much luck with that for some reason.
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    Apple TV

    Just purchased a apple tv from a young man that is in the military. Its the older one 1st generation and works well. He left about 3000 songs on it and i really want to transfer them to my pc or external hard drive or my itunes. That was one of the reasons i purchased it instead of the new one. I think for the price i paid and the amount of music on it I came out ok. The problem is that its in itunes and of course I cant log into his itunes cause its password protected. Tried making contact with the guy I purchased it from and he has just been deployed for a year overseas to Okinawa Japan. Can someone please assist me on getting the music off the apple tv to my pc, external or my itunes account.

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