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No Apple Remote Included

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dahlio, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Doesn't it seem a little cheap on Apple's Part not to include the Remote that used to come with Macbook's, and Macbook Pro's? I mean, if the computer has front row, as well as an Infrared Port that both come standard with your new mac, then why isn't a remote included like it used to be?
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    Because this way, with all the $20 Apple Remotes people will buy, Steve Jobs can get his new plane, maybe that new Ferrari... :D

    Apple are just getting greedy.

    Luckily for me, I know someone with a few Apple Remotes that are just gathering dust, who is generous :D
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    Probably because most people don't use or need them. I got one with my iMac, and another with my Blackbook. I played with it once. It is just something that I will never use.
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    If you hook computer up to TV, it is VERY useful.
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    You don't need the Apple Remote to run Front Row which is why Apple included a launching icon in the Apps folder and you can simply hit Command+ESC to launch Front Row. Really an Apple Remote is sorta a waste for a notebook even for presentations using a projector it's useless since it requires line of sight.
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    Yeah I must admit, i'd feel kindof gutted that I didn't get one, having said that my wifes one for her iMac has been used approx twice in about 6 months.

    They are generally dust gatherers i suspect for most people. It'd be nice if the price was dropped of the macbook accordingly, and if you wanted the remote it'd just bump the price back up to orignal price, but that aint gonna happen :D

    On a side note, it's annoying that the remote and mightymouse seem to have skipped the aluminium thing. While they suit the macbook, they do not suit the iMac and MBP etc.

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