No chime when turning on PowerMac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rhpenguin, Sep 12, 2004.

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    Ive recently done some changes to my Powermac including changing the ram from the original 128MB that was included when the machine was ordered (its a Rev.A BTO machine) and put in 512MB of PC133 RAM. Also I overclocked the processor but recently clocked it back till i can work out the cooling issues with this case.

    But back to the original problem at hand.. Ive added the ram and now it doesnt chime. Im kinda thinking someting might not be right because isnt the machine chiming kinda like the post beep on a pc meaning everythings okay? The machine does boot fine, but can crash in some really wierd ways once and a while.

    What can I do to resolve this? (this is my first desktop Mac and im sorta learning the ins and outs of them as I go but have been working on PCs for years so any help would be spectacular!)
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    This may be obvious, but make sure that your sound isn't muted before you shut it down. The chime plays at whatever volume the computer was at the last time it shut down
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    Also, if you have speakers hooked to it, make sure they are turned on. The chime will come from there. If nothing works, take the new ram out and see if you get the chime.
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    its not muted... and theres no speakers plugged into it...
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    I have the same problem with my 15-inch PowerBook G4. Check in System Profiler to make sure the logic board is recognizing the RAM you installed. I ordered my PowerBook with 512 MB RAM and the logic board is only recognizing 256 MB RAM.

    I called AppleCare and checked with a genius at my Apple store when no startup chime sounded when I turned the computer on. It boots fine and I have no problems with my audio, but the logic board is faulty and my PowerBook needs to go in for repair. I'm not certain what the differences are between how Power Macs and PowerBooks interact with their logic board in terms of RAM and the startup chime, but most likely it's a problem with your logic board.
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    If there's no Mac Chime when you press the power button then there's something you did that it didn't like. Something isn't plugged in all the way, or you have bad RAM. I'd try this:

    1. Pull the new RAM out and JUST use the old RAM for the time being and see if the chime comes back.

    2. Make sure all power cables are plugged into the drives all the way and also check the IDE and/or SATA cables if you have a PowerMac G5 and see if they're plugged in all the way.

    3. Unhook your speakers and see if you hear a chime through the internal speaker.

    4. Reset the PRAM 3 times. Push the power button and then hold down the Apple, option, P, and R keys. This resets the PRAM battery back to the original settings.

    My guess is that you got RAM that your PowerMac doesn't like. If you put in the old RAM and the chime comes back then I'd take the RAM back and get a new DIMM(s).
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    chime plays at lasts et volume? Not for me.

    Not necessarily true. I've turned my volume down to 0 and rebooted and the chime plays at ultra-high volume (my chine ALWAYS plays at ultra-high volume, there seems no way to lower it).

    PowerMac MDD dual G4 1.25 (April 2003 vintage)
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    Seemed to have got it taken care of... I reset PRAM (x4), reset open firmware/nvram and hit the cuda switch on the logic board..

    Seems to have taken care of it. Still dont know what the problem was though.

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