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No DDR for g4s or g5 until july

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mac15, Jan 21, 2002.

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    www.spymac.com has just released a statement saying that there will be no industry standard DDR ram in the new until macworld NY

    Its a pity
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    Friggin' SpyMac

    All hail the mighty SpyMac site.


    That little man-logo thing they have smokes pot.

    The message boards are full of 7 year olds who can't spell "cat" and make Wintel message boards look like Doctoral Thesis attempts.

    The iWalk jerk-off flicks were easy to spot as fakes right from the start.

    The site is WICKED slow...must be running it off of an LC III.

    (oh, one could go on and on...)

    For my money, astheappleturns.com, macminute.com and THIS BOARD are the only ones worth checking out for cool info, fun, and semi-intelligent "predictions" and spirited debate/discussions.

    The above, plus a daily dose of MacInTouch.com for non-predictive but excellent news of all things Mac and related, are breakfast for me.

    SpyMac doesn't fit anywhere on my breakfast table...more like in the garbage disposal.

    (gee, I guess I have an opinion, huh?)

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    I find that hard to beleve

    You would think that apple would want to get as much stuff into their systems by the time the G5 was released to get all of the bugs out before they put the G5 into mass production
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    Yeah, that would be the smart thing to do... but knowing Apple...
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    Spy what?

    Quoting Spymac as a source for any kind of news at this point is really a mixed bag. About the only thing they got right was the brief rag on the miserable Palm OS X beta.

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