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No going back to iOS 6 = no more Apple purchases! I'm starting a movement

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by rider96, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. rider96, Sep 24, 2013
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    Well it's been a couple of days since I first posted and I've read all sorts of comments. So let's start from the beginning. As someone who waited on line overnight for the iphone 4, who purchased one for my gf, who purchased an ipad, who purchased an iphone 5.... I was surprised and appalled that when I downloaded ios7 and discovered that one could not revert to ios6 just a couple of days after release. In my case, my gf with the iphone 4 that I had purchased for her birthday was upset because her phone was excruciatingly slow, almost crippled. And the battery life, which wasn't that great to start with, is now so bad that she has to be on perpetual charger. Yes, we disabled this, disabled that, but the drain was very fast.

    And, in using my iphone 5 and ipad, I am having difficulty seeing the thin lines that are throughout the new ios . Yes, I made all the tweaks, font size, etc, but I am still having issues even after the changes. And I am also having battery issues with the ipad . And I hate the icons and find the calendar unusable, amongst other things

    All that I wanted to be able to do is to revert to the io6... And I would be happy, my gf would be happy... We would still be content Apple customers, albeit hopeful that future tweaks would remedy some issues.

    BUT Apple, just two days? After release, eliminated our ability to revert. And so we are, like many, many Apple customers, stuck with no recourse but to seek alternative products.

    What I had hoped is that if enough people like yourselves supported a longer open window, then Apple would provide some recourse, as happened with the Google maps fiasco. I did not post this to get attention, I am not some troll... I am the guy that waited with you in line with excitement and anticipation to get the latest Apple product

    While I do take responsibility for not researching the upgrade prior to acceptance, what you need to understand is that while many of you on this board follow the ios7 developments closely, most consumers don,t. Despite the fact that I loved Apple products, I was very busy with work and, based on my previous trust in Apple upgrades and fixes in the past, just accepted the recommended ios7 I had no idea it was decreed by apple to be a "no turning back" decision. And now that I realize that they took the freedom of choice away from me, I am totally alienated like many others and want to let others know that this Corporation could care less about its customers and that we should pursue other products

    I believe it is in all of your interests to support a longer period to revert back to a previous ios. Even if you are thrilled with the new io, what if you downloaded it and the discovered that it created problems that you had not anticipated? And what if you discovered that you could not do anything to go back?

    You are the ones who are the core of the Apple support... You are the ones that can effect change, they will listen to you, if anyone.

    So please, stand up for the consumer and urge Apple to allow users to revert to a previous ios.

    If I could change the title of this thread, it would be " let Apple know that not allowing a longer windows revert to a previous ios is hurting the consumer and alienating many previous Apple enthusiasts"

    There are many, many consumers and Apple fans who feel the same:
  2. Anonymous Freak, Sep 24, 2013
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    Anonymous Freak

    Nobody forced you to upgrade. They didn't tell you that you MUST accept the new system.

    So, what is life in "I'm entitled to everything"land like, anyway? Disappointing?

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    Apple is anti consumer

    There was no warning of such a drastic change. Like most unsuspecting consumers, I got a message on my equipment about an upgrade and I upgraded. Luckily I have warned others who have no idea that the product that they purchased is about to be altered in a huge way
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    As strange as it is, both of you are correct.

    Apple makes it too easy to upgrade. The OP's fault lies in not confirming it is truly what he wants to do when he did update.

    Frustration, to be sure- but honestly, couldn't Apple have just as easily left the rollback window open for a few extra days?
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    The ability to rollback or not is the key. I am - or was - a long time apple enthusiast not some"troll"
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    It's not that different, it just looks different and has some new features. You're lucky, some peoples iPhones downloaded iOS 7 on it's own while they were asleep, shutting off alarms in the process.

    You'll get used to it if you try to use it for a while.

    What do you not like about iOS 7?
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    The ability to read and learn more about the software you are installing before you blindly go for it is key. You say there was no warning. The keynote was back in June and Apple's website has had images and videos of it available to view since then.
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    there were 3 months of betas, with numerous reports and videos that showed it off. as an informed member of an apple related forum, where we have the ability to understand and know things your average person doesnt have a clue about, how could you possibly be surprised about the "drastic change". do you live under a rock? its your own fault.

    and on a side note, i love ios 7. looks much better than 6.
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    Long time enthusiast because you had an iPhone 4? That's cute. Show me at least a PPC Mac and then you'll have my attention.

    You think you have a say in the direction of Apple's products, but you don't. No one does. That is the quintessential Apple way. When you buy into Apple you are along for the ride, don't expect them to ever take requests. But also don't expect them to let you down.
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    oh and good luck with your "movement" or boycott or whatever you think youre gonna do.
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    Honestly unlike many of you on this board I was not closely following the development of the new io7. But I AM like the majority of consumers who trust that an upgrade will not seriously alter the product the purchase... They certainly should be able to bring the product back to its previous state ... To not allow that tramples the rights of the consumer
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    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    Oh you're serious?
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    iOS 7 does not auto-install. You still have to confirm you want to update your device.
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    I love IOS 7

    my wife who hate changes (She is not tech savvy, and hate re-learning things esp. Software updates i.e Mac os, Ios, Windows etc.)with all the people that I expect to hate it, love it too.
  17. Guest

    Here's what I wrote last week...

    I've been using iOS 7 since the betas, and while i'm pretty happy with it, I know that the way they are rolling it out (i.e similar to iOS 1-6, and not allowing people to go back after the initial 2-3 day window closes) is going to cause threads like this to start popping up a few days launch, and in my opinion we're only going to see more people like this over time.
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    What was altered? :confused:
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    This is how it's always been with Apple. If you are a 'follower' then you would of known this. Your iPhone is still the same phone, it's just the software that's changed.

    Good luck with your 'movement'.
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    its their product and they design it how they want. its then your choice to continue to use it or not. you no like, you no buy. and i think the serious altering of the product is in a positive direction.
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    It was not that way when I purchased it
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    its natural progression. things change, get updated and redesigned. its something that we all have to live with and get used to. apple doesnt cater to just you and your likes and dislikes.
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    You're kidding right?

    There has been a lot of news about ios7 before it was released
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    Right...let's go paint your car fluorescent green purple and pink overnight ... You just have to live with it, no need catering to your likes and dislikes.... Oh, and sorry it won't start, the battery is drained :)
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    Anonymous Freak

    What I'm curious about is how many of these completely-uninformed people even knew there was an update?

    My wife didn't know there was an update. My son didn't know there was an update. My mom didn't know there was an update.

    People who don't pay attention don't even notice that there's an update. (My son was still on 6.0, IIRC.) I demoed it to my wife and son, and they chose to upgrade. My dad demoed it to my mom, and she hasn't decided yet.
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