No Iphone in Belgium on 07/11

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by deemzies, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Seems the Apple partner here in lil' Belgium (Mobistar) can't handle the pressure so the launch of the Iphone has been postponed. Seriously..thats what u get when you don't choose the right partners. :mad:
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    Belgium is the only European country that outright forbids simlocking and contract/phone bundling. Currently there are 2 cases in front of the European Court of Justice that will determine whether Belgium's laws are forbidden under 2005 EC directives. Belgium government ministries have been studying this for the last couple of years and are currently undergoing steps to repeal the laws in question.
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    i know...somehow we'll get one, but it's just so typical for Belgium...
    especially for mobistar..

    btw some guys started a petition :p Not that it'll help, but hey..
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    illegal iPhones will be blocked, Fuka U Moobiestar


    I went to a Mobistar Shop in de Veldstr. Gent, and they guys told me they did not know when it would come.

    But to my surprise they told me I better did not buy one on ebay or the likes because all illegally sold phone 2G and 3G are about to be banned of the Belgium networks.... and will be rendered useless..

    This might have been bluf, but it seemed that the personel was ordered to give this info to the customers, which felt really weird..

    Anyway Mobistar sux donkeyballs either way :mad:
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    They even removed Belgium from the list of countries getting the iPhone on july 11th.
    Mobistar, what are you thinking? Schaam op jou!
    I think it's unacceptable!
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Where did you see that??????

    Shurely hope for **** sake its not true!
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    don't see how they would/could do that
    we should send that info to that 4040 thingie :p
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    They took off "available 11th juli" on the homepage of

    its still there in Holland.
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    CEO Mobistar about 3G iPhone: "we are not ready!"

    "Op 11 juli begint de verkoop van de iPhone 3G in 22 landen. Volgens Apple is België daar ook bij. Maar Benoit Scheen, de gedelegeerd bestuurder van Mobistar dat eerder een exclusief akkoord sloot voor de verdeling van de iPhone in ons land, zei gisteravond 'niet zeker te zijn dat we de introductie van de iPhone gaan doen op 11 juli'. Volgens Scheen vergt de invoering immers veel voorbereidingen. 'We moeten bijvoorbeeld ons distributiekanaal en onze systemen aanpassen. Een introductie in het midden van de zomer lijkt bovendien niet opportuun. We weten ongeveer waar we met onze planning denken uit te komen en dat is later dan 11 juli.'

    God damn you Mobistar......
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    what kind of sorry ass excuse is that?
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    Really cool... what for a potato country do we live in... honestly. Wait 8 months for a "real" government, now wait longer then entire Europe for the 3G Iphone, I won't be surprised if zimbabwe will have it before we will...

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    They've known about this for a while now, and every other West-European country can get this done, even countries that have infrastructures 10-20-30 times bigger than Mobistar's.

    So, Mobistar, get your act together and make yourself credible for once. Please. Thank you.
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    However, the other international apple sites still mention Belgium as a July 11th country (except France). But this is just holding on to that small piece of hope...

    Darn you Mobistar! They should've chosen Proximus.
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    Where did you find that?? There's nothing on the official site?

    I also got the following reply from Mobistar when I asked about the Iphone:

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