no and no iCloud what do I do?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by crewkid89, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Hi all. I purchased iwork for my lion iMac, my iPad, and my g4 powerbook being thrilled that they could all talk to each other through I just found out that is going away this summer. Does iWork09 running on tiger somehow have the ability to upload to iCloud (which looks identical to my eyes) or is my poor powerbook getting the big old boot as far as compatibility concerned?
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    Macs have to be on Lion or Mountain Lion and iPads/iPhone's have to be on iOS 5.0 to use iCloud.

    Alternatively, you could use one of the many third party services, such as Dropbox, that work on all of the devices you have. You might need to upgrade to the paid version of Dropbox to get more storage than the amount they give you for free, which I think is 2gb, if you're going to be a heavy user, but for documents there is plenty of storage space. There are many other third party cloud storage services, but I'm not sure how many of those beyond Dropbox offer iPad versions as well.
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    Yeah you can't use iCloud. Dropbox is the standard option, but google docs is also very good.
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    I really liked I see no reason why they should get rid of it. I think I tried dropbox a few years back, I'll look at it again. I guess I can always go back to emailing myself stuff.
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    Dropbox is a lot easier than emailing yourself.

    Just set your files in the Dropbox folder and save any new documents or changes there. It will sync across all of your devices and you'll always have the current version.
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    Will dropbox sync with documents stored on an iPad. I am jailbroken if that helps.
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    Yes. There's an iOS Dropbox app and everything.
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    Use on the PowerBook, and iCloud on all other devices. Does nobody really know about this? runs a bit slow on the PowerBook's hardware, but it will allow you to sync and access the files on all of your other devices this way.
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    I'm not seeing an option to do that but saying that I don't have an iOS device.
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    As a few others have said, Dropbox is the ticket. I have a common folder for my three macs, two windows-PC's and my iPod - every file I put in the Dropbox folder is immediately available at every platform in a matter of seconds. And when you sign up more than one device to the same account - you get a bit more storage as well. It's great.
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    It seems the only weak spot in the chain is that I can't upload my documents from my iPad to Dropbox. The other two sides seem to work fine though. Is there any way I can use iFile to upload a document in a pinch or some other way of making it play nice with pages?


    I just tried this it seems to work very well. If only there was a way to use it as seamlessly as Also you're right it loads almost as slowly as a YouTube video on my 1ghz g4. Thanks for the tip!
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    help me out here guys please.

    I have numbers on both my iPad and my iPhone. I use it on my iPad to keep a running tally of earnings during the day in a spreadsheet i've created that tots up my daily earnings then carries over to a weekly;monthly and yearly part of the spreadsheet. I can do the same with my iPhone should the need arise but obviously it's easier to enter data on a bigger screen.

    I've now downloaded numbers on the mac mini i have indoors and thought that i could easily sync it with iCloud so that any data i enter on the spreadsheet indoors is automatically synced to the same document i access via ipad/iphone but it doesn't seem the case. I've had to set up an iWork page and i can "share" the spreadsheet there but it seems if i open the file from the mac, enter data there it doesn't sync with the version i access on the iPad!

    My idea was that i could do my daily account stuff on the iPad whilst out and about and then open the file on the mac and enter additional info such as utility expenses; mortgage payments etc as well as make alterations/additions to the spreadsheet itself.

    One other thing, i notice many have mentioned dropbox. I have a dropbox account and it's a great use to much of what i do but how do i "send" my iPad numbers spreadsheet to a dropbox account without emailing it to myself then saving it? The idea is to have it all talking to each other effortlessly.

    cheers for any help.
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