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No More Airport Cards!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jimsowden, Jun 28, 2004.

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    This is worthy of those 3 exclimation marks.(1 track mind) Apple stoped selling the standard airport card, which if you have a 2 year old laptop and are planing on going wireless with is bad news.
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    Err, those are exclamation marks.

    But anyway,
    Just pick one up off eBay or from one of your friend's dead laptops.
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    This is significant

    Although one would think that those who own a Mac capable of Airport would already have the reqired cards, its sad to think that such a new technology is abandoned by Apple so soon.

    I have a few older Macs that are currently wired, but I like the idea of having the option to go wireless. Now, I would have to seek a third party solution or go on Ebay.

    I noticed they are still available in the education store, just not the retail. Oversight? who knows.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Actually since Apple is still selling the PM G4's that accept only the standard Airport cards, hopefully they have enough to satisfy the demand.
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    If anyone needs one, pm me and we can make a deal. I have a good one, that I used but have since upgraded my laptop.
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    Cheer up, not quite the end of the world. ;) Smalldog has about 170 of them so it should last a little while:


    I'm sure there are lots of other places on the net to get them new, used, or otherwise. And eBay will probably have them until the nuclear holocaust comes.
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    OT! follow link! discuss there! these are not question marks!!!!

    you mean sunday?
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    Try www.macsales.com. They had cheap Airport cards advertised a few weeks back. Don't know if there are any left now though.
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    ---Exactly---. *snickers* :p
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    On a good note...

    the price of the Airport extreme dropped to $79, I think they used to be $99, so that is good news.

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    Wow... I just bought two used cubes, and got the Airport cards for them from MacConnection last week. It would have been a bummer to have to troll eBay to find those cards.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Other than Apple being Apple, is there any reason that the Extreme cards couldnot have been designed to work at the lower rate in older Mac's. I mean us old Windows users did not have to worry about this type of stuff.
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    question fear

    extreme cards use a different connector i believe. so unless they manufactured the extreme cards with the old connector, which is silly, they aren't cross compatible.
    so apple is just trying to jettison old hardware. possibly prematurely.
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    It makes sense for them not to make Airport cards anymore. They started phasing Airport out of their computers a year and a half ago, and it's been gone completely for 6 months--maybe more. It's a discontinued product. Apple doesn't sell ADB mice anymore either, and a lot of people still use beige Macs and might need a replacement, but I haven't heard anyone complain about that.

    It's been pointed out that resellers will have supplies for a while, and Ebay will have them forever. If you need an Airport card, you'll be able to get an Airport card.
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    I just sold my airport card on eBay at the weekend, it was snapped up fast. I wonder if I'd held on to it, if I could have got a premium price in a couple of months. It does seem strange Apple discontinuing them however.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I guess it is a shame that they did not look forward and come up with their own version of the mini PCi slot. I guess if there is a new standard, the Extreme would not be compatible with the Super Extreme.
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    and they dropped the low end extreme base station and made the high end 199, which is nice.

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    I wonder if this means that some other wireless product will be emerging from Apple int he next few months?

    Maybe they are simplifing product lines, but it could also be clearning inventory channels.
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    i doubt it, i think apple just expects the new airport express to be satisfactory for most.

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    I check this out on the UK store after replying earlier and both APE base stations are still available, as well as old airport cards. I wonder if the Uk store is slow to catch up on this, or if it is US only, or if it is a mistake. I doubt the price drop of the aiport extreme would be a mistake however.
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    I have an Airport card that is in my TiBook that I don't use anymore. If anyone is interested, please PM me, or send me a message over iChat at CoreyMiami1

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