No more fake errr... I mean US Budweiser in the EU

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by AhmedFaisal, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Deer piss? No, it's clydesdale piss. When a company makes such a horrible product and features an animal so prominently in its advertising, it makes you wonder ;)
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    Sensible decision this really, long established names shouldn't be dropped to satisfy a newer but larger corporation.

    I enjoy both beers (to different degrees) to be honest so I wouldn't drag taste into this
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    Wait, nerds, being beer snobs? No way.
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    Researching to see how best to get apple engineers drunk perhaps?
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    Oh good! Finally! I used to enjoy drinking Budvar, Plzen, etc. and I wasn't thrilled when I moved to the US that Anheuser-Busch would be able to market the lemonade under the same brand. Cheers!
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    Sadly, I remember reading an article a while back that said the number one import beer in the U.K. was...Budweiser. Not the Czech version, but the Anheuser-Busch version. There also stats showing how much their sales were going up, while sales of Guinness were down all around the U.K. It was very depressing. All those lovely beers to import from their own back yard, and Budweiser is the number one import? I haven't seen any numbers on the rest of the EU, though.
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    I've smelled Clydesdale piss and I have to say that it smells better than Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser beer... Really... :D
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    I... don't understand.
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    I don't get it either. Like I said, all those lovely beers just across the Channel they can import, yet BUDWEISER is the number one selling import? Maybe it's the U.K. version of hipsters being ironic by drinking crappy American beer?

    I could only find this article discussing their growth in the UK.
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    Budweiser is basically a light rice wine with hops as bittering agents which is better served cold than hot unlike like traditional rice wines such as sake. I doubt it even fits into the lager category but it has been sold as beer traditionally for a long time here. I haven't had a Bud in a few years myself nor do I miss it all that much.

    I prefer it's cheaper cousin from the same corporation Busch--there is less hangover. When I go for domestics in the wide range of alcoholic beverages of low gravity I have two preferences those two are Yeunling and Henry's otherwise a nice Scmhidts hits the spot on a warm summer evening. For Imports I like having my Guiness with a scoop of Breyers Ice cream in a float, my Fosters alone, my Angostrua with seafood, my Golsh with any kind of Wurst sausage...pairing is damned important.
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    Beer snobs? Really? :p
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    If you look at the #1 in all sorts of areas in the UK they are rarely the best. Budweiser, The Sun newspaper, Tesco, Microsoft, Dan Brown novels, ITV1. There's a large section of the British public that are quite prepared to settle for average or worse these days. The national spirit of the past, which forged the industrial revolution and led to the largest empire ever seen, has long dissipated.
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    maybe this is because a lot of the 'foreign' beers we get are usually brewed here too.

    Although, by sheer numbers, our supermarkets seem to carry the likes of Carling, Carlsberg, Stella and Bud in really high quantities.

    Another thing is Budweiser's advertising is still up from the World Cup and I think they are trying to get more presence in sports advertising here.

    But yeah, the empire we built upon slavery and bullying is long dead...
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    And good riddance to it. However you can't argue that our desire to achieve and excel seems to have taken a severe knock back over the past few decades.
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    I wish they would do away with it in the US.
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    Really :p

    The smaller microbreweries are better than the big ones. I'll take Boulevard or Schlafly (or Spotted Cow when I can get my hands on it, which isn't often enough) over Budweiser or Coors any day, and I'd take toilet water over Natty Light.
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    A lot of my friends love Natty Light because it is cheap... I don't get it. But then again I was a Guinness Man myself. Very very few of my friends liked it, which meant more for me!
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    When I drink beer at regular price, I always go for the "better" beers. However, when "cheap" beers are in order, I go for Pabst Blue Ribbon rather than Miller or Bud. My cheap beer in college was Hams.
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    I assume you are enjoying a New Glarus Spotted Cow while visiting Wisconsin. It is difficult to find outside their border because they don't distribute out of Wisconsin. I like Spotted Cow but New Glarus also offers some other quite tasty brews as well.

    I had my first New Glarus brew when I started doing annual trisp to Road America to see the AMA Superbike races. However, I now live near the Sconi border and it's an easy trip to get it.

    I always drink, what I consider good beer IMO, but when micro is not available and I have to drink a macro beer, I usually go for a Grain Belt Primo.
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    All beer sucks. That beer has been dressing itself up like wine for the last few decades or so is hysterical. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. IMO, there's no difference between Budweiser and Chimay, except that Chimay manages to be even more disgusting. Don't even get me started on crap like Guinness. And before anyone says anything, I used to work in good restaurants for 20 years, I've had just about every beer you can think of- all of them are nasty. Beer is the only beverage that tastes even worse the more you pay. Hey- I tried it. :p:p:p:p

    Beer is easily the worst alcoholic beverage on the face of the planet, right next to grappa.
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    Yeah, I tried Spotted Cow when I was in Madison a few years back and loved it. One of my co-workers has family in WI that he goes to visit every now and then and he brought be back a 6 pack last time. I wish they distributed it in MO.
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    Natty light is reserved for high-school parties and frat houses on a budget. ;)
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    We were in Ireland last year and shocked at how much advertising there was for Bud. The story of it being so popular in Ireland was that Budweiser was advertising the heck out of it and trying to paint Guinness as an "old man's beer" and Budweiser as the hip, young, sporty drink.

    As for not liking beers? tsk tsk... It just means you haven't tried the right one.

    Personally, I wouldn't serve Bud to my worst enemy. Then again, I'm spoiled. My local beer store stocks 800+ brews from around the world. I've had some amazing ones (Alley Kat - Kilt Lifter is a fave from my home town) and some horrible ones (A brew we had while vacationing in Botswana that I'm glad I can't remember the name of)
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    So working in a restaurant makes an opinion like this valid?

    Pretty close minded view, imo. Oh, and Guinness isn't beer, as alluded to earlier in the thread,


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