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No new iTunes until at least after iPhone OS 3.0 is release?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iParis, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Earlier when I plugged in my 2G iPod touch loaded with iPhone OS 3.0 beta into my friend's computer it said that the computer must have iTunes 8.1 since I had 3.0, she had iTunes 8.0.1. I am pretty sure it only said 3.0 and not 3.0 beta, which gives me reason to believe that this refers to iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone OS 3.0 beta. I don't remember exactly what the notification said.
    So therefor I don't expect to see another software update for iTunes until after the public release of iPhone OS 3.0.
    Anyone else see this?
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    Well, I think we may get minor updates if necessary, but I don't think iTunes will get a significant upgrade until September at the annual iPod event.

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