No New Powerbooks Today

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jzieske, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Looks like we have gone yet another Tuesday morning with no new powerbooks. With the rumors lately I thought we might actually see them. Maybe Steve just can't decide? Or did he go on vacation for August.
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    Don't be so quick to rule it out. California is on Pacific Time.
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    Is there any possibility that Apple would release them a different day of the week? Tomorrow or Thursday perhaps? What's their history as far as product release dates go?

    Of course, history may be negligible since it's been 10 months since the 15" weas updated.
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    no hes right updates are usualy dne by 9am eastern. If they aren't updated by then they won't be put up for today probably.
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    That's not necessarily true. Sometimes they update at 8:00 or 9:00 Pacific.
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    In my memories, updates are almost always between 8 and 9 am pacific time on tuesdays
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    If they don't release them today their going to shoot themselves in the foot...
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    i guess we'll see in a few hours, but considering how "nice" the picture of g5 is on the apple page, i personally find it unlikely that it will be "upstaged" by a powerbook update..?
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    Is it just me or were the powerbooks just quietly updated. 15.2" widescreen with DDR.

    Nothing special as far as processor goes though.
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    are you serious or is this a mistake? i don't see it... 15.2 is the old screen size. i think the new rumored size is 15.4. also, i don't see DDR.
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    Sorry I'm an idiot. I was glancing down the screen and saw DDR but am not awake enough to notice that that was on the GPU. Sorry everybody.
  12. Sol
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    The Week Of The PowerMac

    Considering that even the BBC is putting up stories about the arival of the G5 PowerMacs this week I doubt that Apple will release a new PowerBook line now. Best to let the arrival of the world's first consumer 64-bit desktops sink in before they shift our attentions to any other products.
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    9:20 Pacific Time

    Well the 9:00am time has come and gone. Let the rumors begin for NEXT Tuesday. I can see it now.
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    People have been looking eagerly for new PowerBooks nearly every other few weeks since the 12" and 17" came out. It'll happen when it'll happen. *shrug*

    'Course, I'm not waiting for a new PowerBook. :D
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    What a jip, no new PBs... oh well, I'm getting use to being let down by Apple.

    If the new PBs have the same screen, an NVIDIA graphics card, and a 1.25 GHz processor like I've heard rumored, it will be a huge letdown.
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    I agree on the nvidia graphics card, but what's wrong with the screen? I thought the screens where supposed to be the best on any laptop?
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    The new 15.4" widescreen (been available from Dell for some time now) is much nicer, crisper image. More pixels is always good too, IMNSHO.

    Al body
    DDR (2GB max)
    backlit keyboard
    "new" G4 at 1.3GHz... ish
    faster superdrive

    Is that what we all want...? That and a $200 price drop....
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    Radeon 9600 Mobile
    15.4" High-Resolution Screen
    5400 RPM larger capicity HD

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    I bought my 15" PowerBook last August and at the time it was the top of the line mode.

    I'd love to pick up another PB this year if they release an updated 15" but don't want to splash down a lot of money for it (I've got to save up, getting married in 6 months).

    Does anyone know if any authorized resellers have any sort of trade-in program for PowerBooks? Something where they give me x amount of credit towards a new PB.
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    Forget 5400 RPM. Hitachi has a 7200 RPM laptop drive!
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    Yeah, I know... but Apple is being cheap and trying to conserve battery life with their current hard drives compared to the Centrinos.

    But seriously, Apple needs to really upgrade the screen. Dell is kicking their ass... and Dell actually releases new models regularly.
  22. iPC
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    Plus the 5400's run cooler and quieter. There is very little speed increase (sustained data transfer) from 5400 to 7200. Save your money and get a bigger drive instead.

    I am getting very tired of waiting for this. SJ was a moron to declare this year of the notebook stuff. Makes Apple look they dropped the ball bigtime!
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    Very good point. I think Apple relies on good looks and customer loyalty. So even though their products cost a lot more than others, they don't worry about using the cheaper, worse graphics card, or the cheaper, slower hard drive, or the cheaper, lower resolution screen, because they know that as long as their product looks good, their customer base will buy them.

    8x AGP technology!!! (forget the fact that Wintel users have had access to this technology for ages now)... etc

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