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No product updates.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Tamer Brad, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Release your inevitable fury within.
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    The intel debacle doesnt bother me i am quite happy for the transition to go ahead....On the other hand though i am quite annoyed that no new iBooks or mac Mini's are available......WHEN WILL THE NEW iBOOKS be RELEASED??????

    Shadow :eek:
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    I was hoping for a multi-button mouse......... come on, developers need those.
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    iBooks will be re-released with intel cpus. (i think)
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    Well there was no reliable rumor about any updates, only about the Intel transition.

    Well, that will at least exclude any high end Mac purchases.
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    Yeah, in 2006 >_>

    I wanted to get one this year.
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    So we have to wait until June 2006 for a new iBook??? Think before making a stupid comment which will mislead individuals.....
    A new iBook release is surely imminent with the existing G4 processors.

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    Let the "New iBooks to be released next Tuesday" rumors begin, seriously they need an update soon surely?!!! My Mum's one bought last year is still the best!
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    well you obviously didnt read the keynote because it said that there will be a few more products released on the IBM chips. it wont be until late next year that the switch is fully complete.

    look for a new ibook and macmini i believe. soon.
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    What iBook with simlar specs to a Powerbook?

    Might happen
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    Basically till 2006 there will be no real updates. The Powerbook's G4 is like fully overclocked, the iBook's won't be updated because otherwise they will be too close to the Powerbooks and the Mac Mini will likely not be updated. The iBook may get a 64mb gfx and the Powerbook may get a new gfx but i just don't see it, the Mac family is pretty much stagnant for a year unfortunately.
    I am all for the transition, it needs to happen (obviously) but it should have been implemented for 2005. Macs in 2007 will be awesome, just rubbish till then.
    SImilar situation for the Power Macs, the only room Apple have is perhaps a iMac speed bump to 2.3ghz - that is pretty much the only competitive line unless of course Apple introduce drastic price cuts.
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    I dont know what they are going to do with the iBook all i know for sure is that it is not going to be left untouched for 1 year without any updates.

    SHadow :eek:
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    tuesday is update day, i'll wait to get pissed off till tomorrow.
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    agreed, a small update like a speed bump isn't really keynote worthy, when you compare it to something like switching chip architecture to a possible intel x86 chip, now is it?
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure they will bring in some speed bumps tomorrow here & there. And if not tomorrow maybe next week. Definitely returning the un-opened Shuffle I bought on Saturday as there is definitely an update looming in the future.

    I agree with others though, how can you release new PPC hardware after announcing the future which will leave it all behind?
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    Thats very true. So if updates were to happen tommorow what time would they happen?? Basically what time do tuesday updates normally go down??

    Shadow :eek:
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    well since the powerpc line has litttle future i guess many people are going to wait until the intel stuff gets in, they say the have product updates in the PowerPC line but i don't think they are going to put that much effort in relation powerpc product anymore, people may not buy them and they need to concentrate in creating the new intel products.

    Sales for the next year (and stock price) are going to be interesting to follow.

    i may still but the last RISC G5...the last of the 64bit RISCs running MAC OS...like the last of the V8s from mad max :p

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    Updated iBooks please!!! I'll buy one! PPC lives on!

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