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No quick way to go to top of web page etc

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by abz1981, Sep 19, 2013.

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    On ios6 you tap the top of a web page and your at the top. No need to scroll to the top manually. This option not available on iOS 7? As I am having to do it manually.
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    Taping on the bar at the top (where it displays the time) sends my web pages back to the top in iOS 7.
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    works just fine for me...

    I tap the top and It springs right back to the top of the page.
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    It's still there.

    Why would it not be there for you? That's so odd :eek:
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    It's because you're in full-screen mode

    Tap the top of the screen to bring up the address bar and then tap as you would on iOS 6

    Took me awhile to get used to making an extra tap, but it's not so bad :D
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    Sure it is. When you scroll down on a web site, the toolbar and title bar are hidden. If you just move/scroll up a tad, or touch the screen they come back. Then just tap the top of the title bar like you did before, and you go to the top.
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    Thanks for the tip. I've been using iOS 7 since beta 1 and I didn't know this. Lol. Makes it all a breeze now.
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    Ah this worked for me lol so we have to double tap now lol well tap 2 places to scroll to the top. I was just tapping in the address bar.

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