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No Retina Logic = Logic X Soon?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by OS X Dude, Jun 12, 2012.

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    OS X Dude

    It was (I think) the only Apple pro app that didn't see a Retina update announced yesterday.

    This either means:

    a) Apple don't care (highly, highly unlikely)
    b) Retina is a part of Logic X, and is due very soon. Too soon to make a Retina update of 9 seem worthwhile.

    Just my thoughts, I guess there's some logic to them :p
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    I hope you're right.
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    OS X Dude

    I mean, they wouldn't think "Let's update all our OS X core programs and pro apps" and miss Logic in that list without deliberately omitting it. I know the eMagic people still make it but it's still now an Apple program.
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    On the other hand, there is always the "Apple hates us and wants to kill us off" argument. I do think that Logic has been somewhat neglected. I think the existing interface is a little poor compared to more recent updates to other Apple programs. I'd like to see a little more in-house work done with that. Give it the same start treatment that iPhoto/Aperture got recently. We hear more about garageband than Logic. Where is the brand cohesion?
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    OS X Dude

    I don't think this is the case, to be honest. The people behind eMagic still care a heck of a lot for their system, and I doubt they're working on anything else for Apple (except possibly GarageBand). Logic X is taking it's sweet time to come out, but I imagine the Final Cut X debacle made them possibly rethink what they were then doing with Logic X.

    Apple knows they own a great sector of the DAW market with Logic - it and Pro Tools have always been the leaders. Given how many studios, universities, colleges and musicians spend and depend on it, Apple would have to be incredibly blind to turn their back on it.

    I guess you hear about GarageBand because it's included with OS X and is also a £2.99 iOS app, not a £110 program that has features wasted on Joe Public. GarageBand is marketed as kind of a way to sell Macs and iPads to people, to a degree. If they advertised Logic, they'd be preaching to the choir - those who need/want it already know about it.
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    One more option: (c) Logic uses only APIs that already will cause the display to be rendered correctly on a retna display. My bet is on this option. For example the "bad" way to draw a box is to write your software so it makes it N by M pixels wides. Better to fist ask the OS what is the pixel scale "S" then draw the box SN by SM pixels. Note that this was always the preferred way but when every screen had the same scale few bother to ask what "S" was. Maybe Logic did this from day one?
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    If you read Apple's support forum, there are an awful lot of problems reported with Logic under MacOSX 10.7.4. I have stayed with 10.7.3 myself and don't see any issues.

    So it seems like Apple needs to address these before they worry too much about retina compatibility....
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    It's getting close to three years since Logic 9 was released. I hope Apple comes up with a major update at least by this fall. Apple acquired Redmatica at the end of May so it will probably take some time to integrate that technology into Logic besides Retina Display and bug fixes. Maybe after the release of Mountain Lion. :)

    I'm looking at either upgrading to from DP6 to DP 8, buying Studio One V.2 or Apple's Logic X?. Which ever has the most intuitive interface, best work flow for composing and strongest MIDI editing features.

    May the best DAW (for me) win! :D
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    That's a good way of looking at it. I've delayed some decisions for my home studio in search of the most intuitive experience without making unnecessary purchases.

    I don't suppose anyone has a timetable on the release of DP8?
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    I think they originally said Spring 2012 but you know how that goes. :rolleyes:
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    OS X Dude

    If for whatever reason Logic X wasn't what I was looking for, I think I'd heavily get into Pro Tools. I'd still be mortified though, I adore Logic.
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    anyone emailed apple for any news on release? Tim seems forthcoming with info on the mac pros and it's pro users and as a part of the 'pro users' group, they should deserve some light on this one..

    No mention of Logic getting a retina update is either
    1: bad news, they've dropped it
    2: They are working on something new which is out soon
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    I do think the are working on it... at least I hope so! But, like someone said, I hunk they are tying to be careful with this update, due to their mistakes with FCP... I really like Logic though, but I do think the interface could use some streamlining...
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    I sincerely doubt Apple is abandoning Logic. They're taking their time, which is a good thing. I hope they're making Logic X for iOS, personally.
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    OS X Dude

    I sincerely hope not :p GarageBand is the best mobile DAW out there, and is very usable even in professional projects. The built-in synth sounds are fantastic, and my guitar sounds better through GB than in AmpliTube for iOS to my ears.

    If they supported iOS in the next Logic, it would either be too advanced to work properly on a mobile platform, or the desktop version would be gimped in some way.
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    All the Pro apps are coming to iOS. Don't expect Logic X to have huge interface differences but I suspect that some of the UI elements that are small will suddenly grow into more of a touch friendly widget. That would be our sign.
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    I agree GarageBand for iOS is fantastic, but I'm willing to bet many people were just as against the idea of GarageBand for iOS as they are for Logic for iOS. Funny that people dont seem to acknowledge that Garageband IS the logic engine with a simplified UI, so in that sense Logic is already running on iOS. :)

    Logic X for iOS could just have a slightly different interface than the OS X version, in the same exact way that GarageBand for iOS is simpler than the OS X version. IMO it would require very little or zero compromise to the desktop version of Logic X, simply hiding UI elements or showing alternate UI's when running on iOS.
    People are so scared of change they block out their ability to look at the positive aspects of moving forward. This type of thinking is like a plague amongst the Apple "Pro" user community, and I'll never understand why.

    With iOS and OS X, and of course the iPad in particular, there's so much commotion about how the users are being "dumbed down" as well as iOS, OS X and the Pro apps are being simplified and less "PRO".

    And yet, in reality iOS has done nothing but rapidly become a more advanced operating system with each iteration, making the iPad much more capable of content creation. For OS X, it's gaining many of the features of iOS that streamline the UI, making it faster and more fluid like iOS. For me, that is really desirable. Using Mountain Lion with a Magic Trackpad feels like THE most professional operating system I've ever used. Maybe it's just me but I whole heartedly welcome touch interfaces and simplified UI access to Pro Apps, it brings them closer in line with musical instruments and puts the focus on creativity opposed to how well youve studied the user manual for "Professional Application XYZ". I think the underlying fear of "Pros" is that once the UI becomes simple enough, their memorization of complex UI's will be seen as less of a skill, and therefore less needed.

    This has already happened in the audio and video world as more people choose to record at home and produce their own video content. The real skills "Pros" are going to need in the future are golden ears and eyes, and metric **** tons of creativity, because the tools are going to be the same for everyone. We're already there anyways, young kids start their musical journey having access right from the get go to things like GarageBand, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc. They're able to produce to radio quality music from their bedrooms on small, dirt cheap equipment, IF they have the talent and creativity, without ever dealing with a "Pro".

    Think about a guitar. One of the great things about it is that it's such a no fuss instrument, just pick it up and start playing. Fairly straightforward and simple design, easy enough to understand the basic concepts that just about anyone can pick it up and start strumming the strings and fretting notes. Those who dedicate the time and effort can learn to use that instrument to create and/or play incredibly complex music, and yet the guitar's UI is the same for everyone.

    Imagine if every time you wanted to play the guitar, first off you had to have good money to have access to it. Then everytime you wanted to play it, you had to put on a fresh set of strings, tune it up, and use special Pro gloves with plastic tips over your fingers that had latency in between you pressing down on the fret and the glove knowing that you pressed your finger down. And of course the guitar would need to be played in one room of your house since it had to be connected to other Pro gear to even hear it.

    Only the Pros could play, and boy I'm sure they'd rock.
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    i don't think it is happen..... or may b you are right.....

    Apple knows they own a great sector of the DAW market with Logic - it and Pro Tools have always been the leaders........
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    So, continuing your analogy.... this would be the MacOSX "guitar app": http://www.guitarcenter.com/Martin-D-16RGT-Dreadnought-Guitar-101892115-i1149085.gc

    And here's the iOS version: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Acoustic-...ar-Accessories-Instructional-Book-CD/10975367

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    I see what you tried to do there, haha.
    Of course a great guitarist could play circles around most people using the cheapy Kona, because instead of playing and creating, they would be too busy debating the build quality differences between the Kona and the Martin and coming up with endless excuses why they just couldn't possibly play anything on the Kona. ;)
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    I think it's because they're working on a new version of the software. Also Logic needs to work properly with plugins, possibly something that would make it more complicated to make a scalable UI. Lastly, it's not like Aperture or Final Cut where you're working on images...
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    GarageBand needs to work with audio unit plugins as well, and it runs just fine on iOS.
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    I was referring to the initial question of the thread, retina on mac os. I think it's a combination of reasons. They probably have a new version in the works (that they possibly threw back on the drawing board after Final Cut's launch). It might be kind of pointless to work on Logic UI when they have a new UI design in the works made specifically to work with scalable res. It might be a harder app to convert to scalable res as it's quite dependent on plug-ins. Also, isn't part of logic still in Carbon? And lastly a retina Logic upgrade is quite less useful than the upgrade to Aperture and Final Cut.
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    I misunderstood, sorry about that.

    Anyhow who knows what it will be, but it certainly seems there must be a new version in the works. Hope they release it soon, I'm just excited to see what it will be so I can drool like a moron. :p
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    OS X Dude

    Hopefully it keeps the current Logic's price point. It's even better than what I got Logic Studio for on my university discount!

    A rumoured feature is that WaveBurner will be incorporated into Logic itself; I hope that it's nicely implemented, if true.

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