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iPad mini No UK Mini Stock Anywhere!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eadfrith, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Do you think the only chance of getting a Mini this year is to order from Apple and wait the 2 weeks dispatch time plus the extra 4 or 5 days for delivery? Or do you think it's worth risking it in the hope that shops might get some stock in?
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    Why don't you order one and then cancel it if you find one in shop?

    Worst case scenario apple will take it back free of charge.
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    Apple store Basingstoke
    Walked in, picked up black 16gb wifi model.

    Said they had quiet a few
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    Didn't show anything in the apple store in Basingstoke though.
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    Stormfront Windsor has some if you fancy a trip....phone ahead just in case.
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    If you're willing to purchase online then Amazon has a few in stock.
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    I need to buy a 16Gb White for Christmas, did anyone know the situation of the stocks from the Apple stores in London?
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    Apple store meadowhall had lots in stock today.
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    The Solutions Inc. store in St Albans is an authorised reseller. Went in there on the 4th and they still had a few, went in there last week and only had black but still a fair few.
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    I bought 2 online for in-store pick up the other night, and one overnight tonight, will pick up at 9 am. Here in the Bay Area, every store seemed to show "In Stock" for every model, so not sure where the supply constraints are. My guess is people aren't following the 10pm pacific time in-store pickup policy.
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    We don't get that in the UK, good for you though to have it.
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    Hmm, I bought several iPhone 4s in London when they came unlocked there before we got them in the US ... and every time they were "out of stock" but then I just asked for a manager and asked and he always came out from the back with one for me. Maybe because I said I flew all the way from the US to buy an unlocked model, I dunno, lol. Couple at Brent Cross, and couple at Regent St.
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    You can call in and buy at a store but this ability you guys have in the States to make a reservation at a store to collect at this certain time we don't get.

    Think its more a case of pot luck.

    Though the chances of you calling in and buying a cellular iPad mini right now are pretty much zero!
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    I will buy one for you and ship it over for a $200 fee, haha
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    Damn lol... I was just on that ipad stock site and the Mini came in stack at Argos for 2 and a half minutes lol.
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    Got my second one on order, used ipadministock Currys and PC World available for delivery next week.
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    John Lewis has them currently in the higher spec.
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    I did the same. Have been getting a little anxious as it's still shown as waiting for stock so gave them a call just now. They're no longer guaranteeing delivery this week as a shipment from Apple hasn't arrived - can't even give a rough delivery date. Hmmmm. Likely story if you ask me.....:mad::mad:
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    I was going to post a link to some that were available as of this morning on Tesco direct. But seems like they're all gone now...

    But, if you sign-up to stock alerts with Tesco, they email you the second they come in. (That's how I ordered mine) Outside of a stroke of luck, I doubt you'll find any sitting in stock anywhere as I've been looking for nearly two weeks now...
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    if you're near Bristol they seemed to have quite a few behind the counter yesterday afternoon (Cribbs)
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    Bah! From PC World:

    Dear Customer

    Thank you for your recent order for the Apple iPad Mini (16GB, WiFi, White).

    At the time of pre-order, a guarantee was given that delivery would be made this week. This guarantee was based on information given to us by Apple. It has come to light that Apple are unable to fulfil this promise and it is with huge regret that we have to inform you that delivery of this item will not be made this week. We offer our sincerest apologies for this situation, which is outside of our control.

    The most up to date information we have is that Apple have confirmed that stock is in the UK and that we are the only UK retailer due to receive stock to fulfil our pre-orders. We are unable to confirm exactly when we will be able to deliver your item at this point but we are working closely with Apple to minimise any further disappointment. We appreciate that you may have bought this as a gift for someone else. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to get your order to you before Christmas

    At this point, the options available to you are: -

    - To await further communication from us with regards the delivery of your Apple iPad Mini (we will email a further update within the next 48 hours).
    - To cancel your order and receive a full refund. If you wish to cancel this order, please reply to this email with the subject 'iPad Mini Cancellation'. Please provide your order number and post code to enable us to process the cancellation.

    Once again, please accept our apologies for this delay and disappointment this may cause.

    The KNOWHOW Team
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    Had another email from PC World just now saying no word yet on when orders will be fulfilled. Interestingly, they managed to show all the recipient email addresses in the 'to:' field (naughty) - it was sent to over 300 people, and that's just for the 16GB wi-fi white model. Can't see them putting a dent in that before Christmas.
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    Bought a 16GB Wifi last Saturday at the Braehead Apple Store, just exchanged today for a 32GB Cellular at Buchanan Street. There is stock, but I think you need to get in early before it disappears.

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