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No white iPods in new lineup

Discussion in 'iPod' started by aidanpendragon, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Gone for good for the first time since the product's inception?
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    Looks white to me:


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    Yes but those are in stainless steel, they are infact silver, not white!

    Its funny i was watching the original iPods were released and steve said that his favourite part was the shiny back!

    Looks like there all gone to!
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    That not white. I have watched a few of the videos on apple site and they are as silver as a silver iPod Mini or shuffle.
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    Nope. Notice the white on the clickwheel and compare it to the shell. Not white.

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    OK, I did not see the video. The photos looked "off-white" to me.

    I guess that Apple is moving everything to the brushed metal/black/glass look.
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    Apple described the color as "grey" on their site - across the Shuffle, Nano, and Classic lines.
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    It's aluminum, and not white...

    But this is surprising. Sort of sad in a way. Still, there's white cases. :) Pretend!
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    Nope, the nano, classic AND touch have the shiny metal back.

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