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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by eyelikeart, Feb 22, 2003.

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    ok...so this isn't exactly a "Mac Project," but it's something I've been spending a of time working on lately here in New Orleans...and it's internet based...so I thought it would be appropriate...

    So some guys I know here in town started their own television station...but it's totally internet based...so each series they produce is streaming video...

    We've been working on a new project called "Crescent City Connection" for the past few weeks now...it's a spinoff of the reality tv shows & the dating shows...with a mixture of Insomniac thrown in...if u can imagine it.

    We held auditions for hosts earlier this week, and are setting forth in the next couple weeks to get the pilot produced. I know most of u guys aren't from the dirty south, but I'm hoping some of u can check to the site to see the updates and maybe even some feedback?

    thanks! :D

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    Cool! Watching it now. My wife and I make it down there at least twice a year (we were even married down there). Neat to see stuff from a local's view. We tend to just stay in the Quarter to blow our money.

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    he he...excellent! :D

    keep coming back for updates...

    we're looking a March 15 for the pilot episode of the new show...should be interesting... ;)
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    So this past Saturday we filmed the pilot episode, and it's currently being edited into a half hour form. Overall, the night went very well, and we're creating a lot of interest locally for what we're doing.

    I had the pleasure of not only being there as a producer, but also to photograph the entire night.


    We should have the pilot finished and up on the web by the weekend. Once we get this done, it's off to sell it and get our budget for local television! :D
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    So who let the "local boys" into the party?

    I haven't seen real shakas like that in a while. :)
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    Cool pics Eye, but I have a question for you... were you standing in the fountain on the Riverwalk to get that first picture? :D
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    The shot with the couple Asian guys...they were from out of town. We were at DBA, a bar on Frenchman Street, and they recognized Misty (our female host) from American Idol (yes, she was on it). They asked if they could get a photo with her, so I hooked them up. ;)

    As for the fountain...I just zoomed in on it...was actually about 20 feet away...

    where in South LA are u? :)
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    that's really cool...that fountain is so nice...even nicer at night when it's lit up...

    the show is mainly going to focus on nightspots & things to do specifically...so likely there will be episodes where u do recognize other places... ;)
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    I think it's good though...too many people come to New Orleans just to party. It's hard for some to believe there's actually something to learn or see here.

    U guys should try to check out the Cabildo & some of the other museum attractions...interesting stuff... ;)

    ah...6 fingers?! :eek: :D
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    another update...

    For those of u who are in the greater New Orleans area...

    We're having a screening of the show this Wednesday, April 2, 7:00 at Lager's Bar & Grill on Vets & Severn...

    We're hoping to have a nice turnout for the bar letting us use their bigscreen... :D
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    it's up for viewing!!!

    well finally we have the pilot up in Quicktime format for viewing! :D

    just go to www.nolatv.com and click the link under "Latest News" to stream it...

    or u can click here ;)

    be careful if u are on dialup...it's a bit big...he he...

    and please...give us feedback everyone!
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    I'm a little over half way through Episode 1. Here are a few observations.

    1. Perhaps the camera person should carry some beef jerkey for Manny. I'm weary from his talk of eating his cohost and his own hand. It was funny the first time he mentioned it, but its taking up too much space and pushing out content.

    2. At the Superior Grill Misty mentions that the purpose of the show is to pass on info about the hot spots around town. Its not until the interview with the owner of the grill that we learn that this is a Mexican cuisine. OK, great happy hour spot on Wednesday nights from 4:00- 8:00pm accourding to Manny. But is it a family kinda' place? What else is of interest on the menue? Dress code? You know, basic stuff. 150 gallons of margaritas a night? Wow! only in New Orleans!

    3. Quicktime rocks! Video quality seems quite good. Production seems quite good too. I'm not sure if its compression issues or what, but there are some audio points where dialoge is completely lost.

    4. I'm not really following why there are the other two hosts....maybe in future episodes their part in the series will "flesh out."

    I think this project is a great idea! With time I think it will really take off.

    edit: I don't feel compelled to visit dba. Utopia, however, is another story. That segment by far is the best of the 3 spots. Very well done! I've been there a handfull of times in the last 3 years and have never seen so many folks there. Makes me want to check out hotel rates right now!

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    thanks for watching it... :)

    1) Manny talks...a lot. We've decided we need to tone him down a bit in future episodes.

    2) Superior Grill isn't necessarily a family place. It's more known for it's Wed Margarita specials than anything else. It's a spot for 20 & 30 somethings, which is why we chose it. We don't let the hosts know where they're going, so sometimes they may have no knowledge of where they are; so it could pose a problem to give background info to the place until it's discovered. Make any sense? But still, it could be an idea to give a little more info, maybe at the end of it even?

    3) Glad the stream worked out fine. We did have some audio issues; the girl checking it was very good and we ended up with a few missed bits here & there. :(

    4) The point of the other two hosts is mainly for commentary. We had a hard time choosing the main hosts, so we made up roles for the second choices. Our aim for future episodes, though, is to get a more flowing chemistry between each set so they joke more and seem more "comfortable" with each other.

    DBA is a cool place to have a few drinks before heading out for some excitement...reminds me of the bars in Swingers. :D

    Utopia...heh. We had to edit out A LOT there. U should have seen the stuff on the cutting room floor... ;)

    Thanks for checking it out though! I'll be updating as new episodes are up (in another month it's looking).

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