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Nomad 3-Inch Apple Certified Lightning Cable Now Shipping

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 20, 2013.

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    The Nomad Lightning Cable is an Apple certified 3-inch Lightning to USB cable that originated on Kickstarter last November. After accepting preorders in April, the team behind the Nomad has caught up on backorders and is now able to fill and ship orders on a daily basis.

    As the Nomad is just three inches in length and comes equipped with a keyring adapter, it is one of the most portable Lightning cables on the market. In comparison, Apple's smallest Lightning cable is 0.5m or over 19 inches long.

    The Nomad Lightning Cable is officially licensed from Apple and part of the MFi (Made for iPhone) program. It can be purchased for $24.99.

    Article Link: Nomad 3-Inch Apple Certified Lightning Cable Now Shipping
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    $25 are they joking. To expensive.
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    So the official 0.5m cable is $19 and this 3"(!!!) variant is $24.99...

    I don't understand... :S
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    My friend just bought 3 ft cables for 3 for $10. Works fine!
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    Amazon sells a 4 in amazon basic lighting cable for $12.99. Has 1200 reviews with 4.5 star rating. Not sure if it is apple certified or not but a much better deal if you don't need the key ring thing.
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    So you're getting a fraction of the cable at even higher of a price? What's wrong here?
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    Whoa $25???
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    Clearly you're paying extra for "simplicity" :rolleyes:
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    moldy lunchbox

    No. And by no, I mean hell no.
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    Seeing the picture I thought this would be a great little accessory for 5-10 dollars, but $25? Not a chance.
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    Yes, it's the real thing at half the price and black looks cooler anyway.
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    Why even have that part in the middle?
    Just merge the two ends together and charge $50.

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    You better patent that....never mind you will end up on macrumors getting sued by Apple and Samsung.
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    It's like kids clothes: the smaller the more expensive.
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    None of you can conceive of a consumer being willing to pay an additional $5-10 for a cable that can be carried on a keychain? That sounds like a pretty reasonable premium to pay for someone interested in that functionality.

    Now that I'd like to know as well. Maybe because it would put too much stress on the USB port of a computer and the Lightning port on the device if the connector didn't have a bit of cable to allow the device to sit flat on a surface next to a charging computer?
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    low volume production, how does it work..
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    Even that is expensive considering the longer cable is around the same price. $5 is reasonable for a 4" or shorter cable.
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    the length of it has practically no effect on the cost to manufacture it. assembly labor is the same. connectors are the same. Apple's share is the same. business overhead is the same.
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    Wow! This looks awesome!

    I can't wait until they make a longer one that I can wear around my wrist! It'd have to be pretty long though.. like 19 inches or so.. so I can wrap it around a few times - I wouldn't want to lose my new fashion accessory after all! :D

    :sarcasm: -.-
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    stop complaining!

    jeez people, have you heard of the concept 'economies of scale'?!
    if/when production goes into 7-8 figures, watch that price tumble
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    Always the exact same replies on the topic of this cable.

    The same.
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    I know that need pay for idea, but that idea too expensive...
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    OK, one more time kids. If you would rather have the mini-cable than have $25 in your pocket, then do a trade with the seller. If you would rather have $25 in your pocket, then move on. We call it the market. It's not your mommy.

    /sorry for the rant, time for my milk and cookies.
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    They clearly think there's a market for it at that price point, or they wouldn't be selling it. If that market isn't you, then fine, spend the $25 on something else.

    No sense in wasting time complaining on internet forums about something you're not going to buy anyway.

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