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Non apple wireless router not sending IP address

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by skeet, Mar 7, 2005.

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    I live in a fraternaty with a non apple wireless setup. My new powebook will conect to the internet but will not be able to get online? Has anyone had a problem with this before? Safari will not work unless I restart, after I restart it will only work for a few minutes. A message will pop up claiming that Yahoo.com can not be found. This problem is very frustrating as all these other PC users are having no problem. I hope one of you can give me some insight. Thanks
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    Sounds like it might be a DNS issue.. try entering the IP of the DNS server staticly (rather then relying on the wifi access point to supply it) in your Network setting for the wifi connection.

    In hoc.
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    What actually is DNS?

    What is DNS? I tried to manually insert the IP address however, the computer still will not load the internet. I wish I new what the heck I was doing.
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    DNS = Domain Name Service.

    How you can use www.apple.com rather then having to remember "" for the same address.

    You should get the IP address of the DNS server that your ISP/University provides (you can get this by calling the uni's computer help desk). Plug that number into the "DNS Server" section of your Network prefpane.
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    You solved the problem yet?
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    "Road Runner not compatible for macs yet"

    my friend has this same problem on her wireless network in her sorority house. all pc users have no problem connecting wirelessly, but her new G5 iMac shows signal but doesnt go anywhere online. She followed the setup directions, including specifying a DNS, IP, all that good stuff.

    I'm still waiting on my first mac to get here so I wasn't really sure how to help her, but she called Apple and they said it was something with her cable/router. She called Time Warner (Road Runner) and they said their service IS NOT YET COMPATIBLE WITH MACS! lol, I was like whaaat. The guy from Road Runner actually told her wireless networks on Road Runner will not work with Macs as of now. Like I said, I don't get my first Mac till tomorrow it looks like finally, but this is BS right?!

    i dunno, she still doesnt have it up and running. figured i'd throw it out there with ur problem, see if anyone has ideas?
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    AFAIK, yes, it is BS. Typically they say that because they don't want to get stuck supporting them.

    The Airport Extreme cards are 802.11b/g compliant, and the router must be as well. I suspect the problem is that the router is using MAC address (a.k.a., ethernet hardware address) filtering. This could explain why it's seeing the network and not getting an address. Also, make sure the local firewall is off on the iMac, since DHCP addresses are dispensed via UDP ports 67/68.
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    i have been experiencing this same problem quite often, but sometimes it fixes itself. I've had my PB15 since sept of 04. It happens on all sorts of wireless networks (and by networks I mean routers). Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, Microsoft, at&t AND APPLES OWN AIRPORTS (which my entire school is based on, we're an art school so it all mac).

    my pb will show that I have full signal in the airport status but doesnt pull a router assigned IP and thus wont browse the net, get email, ichat etc. It gets either NO ip at all or self assigns a 169.254.xxx.xxx IP.

    Apple doesnt know what to make of it. They have sent me a new airport card but it didnt help. The Major problem is that it doesnt happen all the time. its totally intermittant. completely random. I have managed to reproduce it on command just 3 or 4 times by putting the pb to sleep then just a few seconds later or minutes later when it wakes it either doesnt connect to a network or does but as stated above doesnt pull an IP.

    NOBODY seems to know what the deal is. I've read about this type of thing happening plenty and yet no one has a fix.
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    I'm having the same problem too. The wireless router is sitting right next to my pbook and getting a perfect signal but I"m not getting an ip. No one I've talked to has a clue. It's a D-Link 524, it works fine with friends HP but no luck with mine. We're with road runner too. I've had to play phone tag with them before so I'm not even going to try that right now. Luckily the router's got wire ports so I'm still in business but I can fufill my dream of surfing the net while in the bathroom. *sigh* maybe one day...one day.

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