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Non Developer Getting Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by sdawgisinthebui, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I am not a developer but I would like to try Mountain Lion. Should i fork out the $99 to get it? Also if I pay the 99 will it also get me the developer iOS 6 when it is released?
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    the mac dev program is $99
    the IOS dev program is also $99
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    That's a waste of 99 dollars, but if you have the money and don't mind spending it knowing you'll have to spend it again when the final release is distributed, then go for it. That's really entirely up to you.
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    If you're forking out the $99 just to test out ML, don't bother. Its terribly broken now, for me at least.

    The iOS betas are wonderful though. 5.1b3 really solves the battery issues, especially on the 4S.

    BTW, you have to pay $99 for either developer program separately.
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    Seriously ... Why?

    If you look at the official website for Mountain Lion, they list the top new features -- nothing particularly sexy.

    It's still a new beta, and has some stability issues, and even if you were a Developer, it wouldn't be a good idea to run it on your only system, or on all of your systems. Most developers use an entirely separate system, or at least a spare hard drive to run the beta OS, and will only run it part-time.

    I can't pin down even a single "must have" feature for ML. It's evolutionary, but certainly not revolutionary.
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    Wait or pay. Easy.
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    Just wait until the final version is available for normal users ;) no point using a not-so-stable software now. Although actually my copy of ML is pretty stable.
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    Sure, $99 is expensive, but you also buy your way into the app store. And I'm sure if you go to more obscure places on the interwebs, you'd also find some interesting stuff.
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    If you're an IT person, you may want to pay the $99. Just gives you a head start to familiarize yourself with it & see what doesn't work before putting it onto work computers.

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