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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mpuchtel, Sep 14, 2008.

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    This is probably a stupid question, but I'm having trouble downloading animated gifs. When I find one I like from the web, my "ctrl-click" process will only allow me to copy one frame of the animation! How do I copy/download it as the whole multi-framed gif???

    Thanks so much. Max
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    Have you tried clicking on the image and dragging it to your desktop? You can usually save any image file from web browsers on Mac this way. The image might not preview as being animated, but opening it in Preview shows all the frames of the animation listed. I haven't had any trouble doing it that way and have a site that uses animated images like that. The "Save to Desktop" on the contextual menu (ctrl+click or right click if you have it) also worked, it just doesn't animate when you're looking at it. Hope this helps. :)
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    A difficult way to do it, is open activities from safari and find the file your browser is downloading (but it's probably a small file and instant downloaded). when you found press on it, press command-c, then in your download window press command-v. It will download the file to your download map. (the same way you can download embedded videos and audio).
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    Just curious are you using preview to view it after downloading? Try opening it in Safari or Quicktime.
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    Yes, I just clicked and dragged it to the desktop. Preview shows all the frames in the image Ok.

    I forgot this earlier, but a good way to preview the file's animation is to drop it back into the browser (drag the file onto your browser's icon in the dock) and it should open in a new window of its own and play as normal.

    Worked exactly as described, not skipping any steps that would cause this not to work. :)
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    Preview doesn't do animations. Above works.
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    All good now. Thanks for the help!
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    :D No problem.
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    Sorry to ressurect an old thread but I am having the same problem. I have dragged the animated gif to my desk top as above. I then dragged the file onto the firefox icon in task bar and the gif is still animated. I then try to use it as my avatar on a forum and it is no longer animated. Am I doing something wrong or missing a step? Thanks.
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    Should I be doing something with each separate picture?
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    It's possible that the forum software doesn't support animated GIFs. MacRumors Forums does but not all do.
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    Which raises the interesting question of...why the hell not? It's always bothered me.
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    I tried it on a forum where others had animated gifs. I can't try it on here as too new to have an avatar.

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