North American Earthquake

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by OttawaGuy, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Anyone experience that earthquake just a few minutes ago? :eek:

    Any links to info?
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    Yup, we felt it too.
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    John Doe 57

    It lasted about 90 seconds or less here in Queensbury. Very mild but interesting. It was a MAG 2 here. Nothing compared to the MAG 5 a few years back.
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    Ontario Earthquake

    So, a 5.5 earthquake hit Ontario and could be felt as far as Ohio and Michigan. I felt it here in Toronto, and by the way people were reacting, one would feel as if it was the second coming. Anyone else feel it too?

    *hears the Californian Macrumors members snicker at us* :p
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    i'm just outside of Ottawa and i felt. I think the reaction is due to the fact that earthquakes are rare for us. Ottawa sits on a major fault line, but it doesn't seem that alot of ppl know that.

    I was outside cleaning my truck and heard a wicked rumble, the garage door started shaking and then I was moving a bit. weird.
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    Yeah, we don't get much earthquakes round here. I remember the last earthquake we had back in the 90s. But I didn't feel that one since I was on a bus at the time, going home from school. Oh, now they're saying it was a 5.0. But it didn't feel very strong in Toronto.
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    I am in Buffalo NY and every thing in my house shook. I think it was awesome :eek:
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    I felt it too. I was in a meeting (Downsview) with other folks teleconferencing in from Kingston and St. Catharines and they felt it too! The folks from St. Catharines left the meeting early after they were told to evacuate their building...the people from Kingston and Downsview continued on with the meeting. :mad:
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    I'm a Californian -- and was here in Toronto during the earthquake. A little shaking in North York but nothing too crazy or the least bit scary. It lasted a good 30 seconds as far as I could tell.
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    I didn't think it was too bad really when I felt it. I didn't realise it was an earthquake until I saw it on the news when I came home. I thought it was construction or something.
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    Are you with MTO?
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    I'm from the west coast originally, just moved to the DC Metro area.
    I didn't even realize there were major fault lines anywhere near the east coast of the US.
    In all of our 'quake related news back home you only hear about the offshore, Pacific quakes and anything in Cali/Mexico.

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